On 50th anniversary of Roe, abortion providers reflect on what’s changed since Dobbs

Julie Burkhart and Tammi Kromenaker have spent their careers providing abortion care and ensuring that people have access to it. For most of their career, they’ve been the targets of hate and harassment too. Last May, a clinic in Casper, Wyoming that Burkhart’s organization was preparing to open up was set on fire. Incidents like that cause “deep financial, emotional, and sometimes physical impacts on people who are trying to provide abortion care,” she tells Ali Velshi. Kromenaker isn’t a stranger to such threats either. For over a decade, she operated the last abortion clinic in North Dakota, which made her a target of the anti-abortion crowd. But after Roe fell last year, she moved her clinic to Minnesota, a state with stronger abortion rights protections. “Minnesota and North Dakota could not be more starkly different,” she says.