51,000 opt back in for NYC schools

While it is hard to imagine talking about yet another first day of school this year, that is exactly what will happen in New York City, this time in late April.

Video Transcript

- A major step towards reopening as New York speeds up its COVID vaccination campaign. Starting on May 1, schools will be allowed to host graduation ceremonies with capacity limits and other coronavirus protocols. In the meantime, authorities are worried about the spread of variants in New York. Eyewitness News reporter Candace McCowan is live at the Javits Center with more for us. Candace.

CANDACE MCCOWAN: Yeah. And Shirleen, as we try to return to some type of normal, the Great White Way is vital to the reopening and the rebuilding of New York City. And that's why the mayor, along with Lin-Manuel Miranda, announced a new vaccination site at Times Square, aimed directly at those who work on Broadway. The hope is that it will be a shot in the arm that that industry needs. The governor also announcing 35,000 doses of the vaccine for college campuses. The effort is to get back to some type of normal by the fall.

HOWARD ZUKER: The race between the vaccine and the variance is very real, and it is intensifying. The sooner we can hit critical mass, the faster we will stop COVID in its tracks. So please continue to be vigilant, wear your masks, get your vaccine as soon as you're able to.

CANDACE MCCOWAN: Yeah, and while a new study shows that 70% of the cases in New York are coming from two of those highly contagious variants, some city officials are hoping that the drop in infection rates over the summer will really make a big difference.