Woman arrested after victim pushed onto tracks in Bronx

A homeless woman was arrested Thursday after another woman was pushed onto subway tracks in the Bronx earlier this month.

Video Transcript

- Another subway crime in New York, another apparently random push onto the subway tracks, this time a 54-year-old woman walking on the platform of the station in the Bronx when out of nowhere, another woman walks up to her and just like that, she's on the tracks. Fortunately, no train was coming. Tonight, the victim talking about the ordeal that seems to be happening more frequently. Here's Eyewitness News reporter Marcus Solis.


MARCUS SOLIS: Help me, help me, Rosa Galeas screamed this morning as she tried to get up from the subway tracks she had just been pushed onto. it happened this morning at the 174th Street Station in West Farms. Galeas had just gotten off the train and was walking to the exit when another woman pushed her twice.


MARCUS SOLIS: I didn't fall, she says, after the first shove, but as Galeas tried to steady herself, the woman pushed her again. This time, the 54-year-old fell onto the tracks, bruising her hands and her side.


MARCUS SOLIS: I reached up, and I could see the next train coming, she says. A good Samaritan lifted her back onto the platform. The incident is the latest in a troubling string of shoving incidents that date back to last fall. There have been five this year, a trend the police commissioner has called disturbing. The mayor today insisted the subways are safer than years ago, despite the recent uptick in crime.

BILL DE BLASIO: I am convinced that we can make sure the subways are safe and that more and more people are going to come back to subways, and if we need to shift NYPD personnel more to the subways, we absolutely will.

MARCUS SOLIS: But for commuters like Rosa Galeas today's incident was a nightmare come true.


MARCUS SOLIS: I always have that fear that someone could hurt me. Police have shown Galeas video of the incident as they try to identify the woman described as being in her 20s, wearing bright yellow pants, something the victim recalls noticing just before she was shoved.