550-pound Swarovski star tops the Rockefeller Christmas tree

The Swarovski Star is placed on top of the 85-foot Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014, in New York

Swarovski's glittering giant crystal star has once again been placed sky-high on the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in time for the festive season.

Made up of a whopping 25,000 crystals, "The Swarovski Star" measures 9.5 feet (2.9 meters) in diameter and is 1.5 feet (0.45 m) deep. It weighs 550 pounds (249 kg) and is composed of six outer rays and six smaller inner rays.

The star's ‘crystal rays' are made of the same shatterproof glass that adorns the facades of New York City buildings. The crystals are attached to the inner sides of the glass in a tight, scale-like pattern to ensure maximum brilliance.

Illuminated by 720 energy-efficient LED bulbs, the star was installed on the 85-foot (25.9 m) high tree this week by nine artisans, where it will stay for the rest of the holiday season.

A to-scale replica of the Swarovski Star will also be on display inside the Rockefeller Center, offering visitors a closer view of its detailing and craftsmanship.

Originally created for the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in 2004, the Star was updated in 2009 to feature its dynamic light movement.

The star will be officially unveiled during the 82nd Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony on December 3. The last day to view the star and tree is January 7, 2015.