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Mashed Potatoes With Crispety Cruncheties

The impossibly creamy texture of these mashed potatoes is a credit to choosing the right guy for the job: the German Butterball. (We tested 10 contenders—it was the butteriest in flavor, and fluffiest when mashed.) Plus, roasting them first helps concentrate their flavor. On the continuum from slightly textured to exquisitely satiny spuds, use a potato masher (rustic, but fine!), ricer (nicer!), or food mill fitted with the finest disk (woooow!). A smoky breadcrumb and-potato-chip topping, inspired by the flavors of patatas bravas, brings something new to the table. See all of the Absolutely, Positively Perfect Thanksgiving recipes here. See recipe.

65 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes for a Meatless Holiday

No meat? No problem. This is a festive vegetarian Thanksgiving menu.

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