The 5Qs: Lori Jones with the Children's Center details charity golf tournament

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Jul. 5—Q: In what ways has the Children's Center of Southwest Missouri's annual Charity Golf Tournament impacted children throughout the area?

A: Children's Center of Southwest Missouri puts kids first in the investigation and treatment of child abuse. We serve child abuse victims and their families through our four advocacy centers located in Joplin, Monett, Butler and Nevada. Collectively Children's Center impacts more than 1,000 victims each year, providing tools for healing and hope for justice.

Each of our centers hosts an annual event to generate essential fundraising dollars. Through sponsorship, donation, and event attendance, our services continue to be available free of charge to the vulnerable children who need them most. Dollars raised from the Monett fundraiser will benefit the Barry and Lawrence County service area.

Q: When is the center's next upcoming charity golf tournament, and what is the cost?

A: Local golfers can mark their calendars for Friday, Aug. 20. The four-person scramble costs $300 and is hosted at the beautiful Windmill Ridge Golf Course in Monett. Registration and lunch are slated at noon, but the shotgun start is at 1 p.m. And, of course, sponsorships are available.

Q: How has the annual golf tournament changed, grown over the past decade?

A: Like so many events in 2020, we were not able to host the tournament last year. However, we are thrilled to be back on the greens this summer. Monett's Golf Tournament is organized by great volunteers and well supported by committed sponsors and donors.

It is an enjoyable day for everyone who plays, yet an incredibly effective way to raise the money necessary to support the families of Barry and Lawrence County. The one change we can't control is the weather. It's always our wild card, but we hope for a day with just the optimal amount of sunshine and a light breeze.

Q: Why is this a significant fundraising event for the Children's Center?

A: For Monett, we are experiencing growth in our service numbers. In 2020, 170 child abuse victims were referred to the Monett Center. For 2021, staff has already provided direct services to more than 120 children. While the money raised from this event will fund the 2021-2022 operational budget, this event also gives us a chance to continue sharing our story. We must stay present in the community, reminding citizens who we are and what we do.

Child abuse impacts families every day; Children's Center is here to respond with hope and give children the tools to heal. Specific to our Monett center, we are looking forward to making necessary expansions and updates to support our mission of providing a child-focused environment for the forensic interview, medical exam and trauma-focused therapy. This fundraiser can help position us for a strong future.

Q: What is the Children's Center of Southwest Missouri's mission in the communities it serves?

A: We exist because child abuse impacts children and families in our community. Our mission is to reduce the trauma children experience after abuse by providing a child-focused environment and experienced, highly trained staff to conduct the interview and medical examination. We support healthy collaboration among the multidisciplinary team, which seeks justice on behalf of each victim and their family. We respond with compassion as our clinical therapists equip children with tools to recover and heal.

While our response to abuse is impactful, we also boldly take our seats in the community to raise a voice for the vulnerable. Our mission also includes a proactive stand against child abuse. We lead the charge by raising awareness, increasing access to education, and empowering children and adults to use their voices to speak out against abuse. We believe our mission and our efforts break the generational cycle of abuse in the communities we serve.

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