6 Children Among Those Injured In Bronx Apartment Building Explosion

A Bronx neighborhood was rocked by a gas explosion inside a three-story apartment building Thursday; CBS2's Dave Carlin reports.

Video Transcript

DANA TYLER: A Bronx neighborhood rocked by a gas explosion inside a three-story apartment building this afternoon. CBS2's Dave Carlin is live at the scene in Morris Park with more. Dave?

DAVE CARLIN: Dana, most of the victims in this incident are children, including a couple who are in critical condition, after a blast that was strong enough to do this to a door from the building rocked this area, which is at the corner of Poplar Street and Paulding Avenue.

The explosion strong enough to blow out windows and rip this door off its hinges and propel it from the three-story building into these lines all the way across Paulding Avenue.

DAMARIS SANTIAGO: Scary. It was scary. It moved the whole building. And I live three blocks away.

DAVE CARLIN: She and dozens of other neighbors crammed into the narrow residential street where broken glass and debris mixed with snow, and rescuers rushed into the three-story building to get everyone out. Nine people were taken out with injuries, six of the nine are children. Most, if not all, from the second floor where the blast originated.

Before any cops or firefighters made it to this chaotic scene, residents took action and became heroes.

ANTHONY COLLINS: I felt the impact right here and I rushed right over.

DAVE CARLIN: Look at the coat on Anthony Collins. It was used by him and two other good Samaritans as a safety net to break the fall of a baby tossed to them from the second floor by a mother.

ANTHONY COLLINS: Well, there was about three of us there, so we all just took, I actually took this jacket off and tried to make a little bit of padding for the baby. So the mother was very nervous, so I just told her, "Just drop the baby, and it will be secure as soon as it hits this jacket." So that's what happened.


ANTHONY COLLINS: Thankfully the baby was all right, you know.

JOHN SARROCCO: Obviously some type of gas leak within the building. That's being investigated by our fire marshals. Most of the walls-- most of the walls are blown out. You know, we did our searches. There's no other victims in the building.

DAVE CARLIN: And you're looking now at a ladder that another good Samaritan used to climb up to that second floor and rescue a victim, a woman who had a broken leg.

Live in Morris Park, the Bronx, Dave Carlin, CBS2 News.

DANA TYLER: Just amazing and fantastic New Yorkers. They come to the help of each other. Dave, thank you.