Store: 6 Clever Products For Your Pet That You Might Enjoy Even More

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Pet parents know that their four-legged friends deserve to be pampered every single day. These adorable creatures are members of our family, after all, so they should have everything they need and more.

Fortunately, these pet products are on sale for up to 60% off their full prices and will help you treat your good boy/girl to the life they deserve. 

1. A Blanket ID Tag + Membership

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If losing your pet is your worst nightmare, you need a Blanket ID Tag and membership, a new and improved version of your typical ID tag. It features a built-in system that immediately sends an alert — with a photo — to shelters, pounds, animal control, the SPCA and any other local organizations saying your pet is missing. Each tag has a unique registration number that, once activated, gives you access to all advanced benefits, such as missing pet email alerts, localized search party, 24/7 vital info, found pet GPS mapping, and lost pet posters. If your pet wanders off, you can launch an alert to the network and quickly find your way back to your furry friend.

Usually $43, a Blanket ID tag and three-year membership is on sale now for $35 .

Blanket ID Tag + Membership - $35

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2. This Playball Automatic Ball Launcher + 8 Balls

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Playing fetch is a great way to bond with your pooch, but it can get pretty tiring — especially when you’re busy working, cleaning or plain adulting. This launcher for small dogs does the heavy lifting for you. It features three throwing-distance settings and can launch a ball up to 20 feet. The balls are made of highly durable material, so they can withstand lots of chewing. 

The Playball Automatic Ball Launcher is just $84.99 right now, down from $130.

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Playball Automatic Ball Launcher + 8 Balls - $84.99

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3. This Playdot Laser Toy + Playroll Self-Spinning Ball Bundle

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Celebrate your furry friend by bringing home the Playdot Laser Toy + Playroll Self-Spinning Ball Bundle. The laser features three automatic modes and easy-to-adjust speed, and the auto-spinning ball has a hidden catnip chamber. Both will definitely occupy your pet for hours to help keep them happy and healthy.

Usually $49.99, this playful bundle is available for $39.99 right now.

Playdot Laser Toy + Playroll Self-Spinning Ball Bundle - $39.99

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4. This Allergy Test My Pet Kit

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Dog sneezes are indescribably cute, but they may be signaling something more serious. This Allergy Test My Pet Kit can help you figure that out. Just swab the inside of your pet’s cheeks and send it over to the lab for analysis. The experts will evaluate your pup’s spittle, helping you determine what may be affecting its wellness.

Typically retailing for $99, this test kit is on sale for $69.

Allergy Test My Pet Kit - $69

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5. A Large Pet Travel Carrier

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Ideal for recreational activities, scurrying through the airport or enjoying a leisurely shopping trip in town, this pet carrier lets you tote around your furry friend wherever you go. It’s high-quality, extremely durable and comes in four funky colors.

Usually $39.99, it’s now on sale for $22.

Large Pet Travel Carrier - $22

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6. A Cozy Pet Bed

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All cats and dogs need a relaxing place to lay their heads. And even if you love them more than your spouse, sleeping in the same bed with them isn’t always the best option. Give your furry friend the comfort of a plush, cozy bed. It’s a great size for most pets and comes in three colors: pink, blue and brown.

Originally retailing for $49.99, you can get one now for just $19.

Dog Bed - $19

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This article was written by Christina Buff on behalf of HuffPost Finds.

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