6 Healthy Habits You Should Start Following Today To Avoid Any Disease

The only person who can truly take care of your health is you. In today’s world of ever increasing pollution, stressful workloads and erratic time schedules, diseases and health related problems are at their peak. For keeping these diseases away, you need to modify your lifestyle and adapt healthy habits. So, read on to know all the tricks and tips for a healthy lifestyle.

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#1. Have a wholesome breakfast

It is rightly said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast actually means ‘breaking the fast’. It is the first meal of the day after a long gap. Avoiding breakfast will lead to various digestive problems and also make you feel tired throughout the day. So start your day on a fresh and healthy note by eating a nutritious breakfast. Also do not forget to keep your intake of milk and other dairy products sufficient.

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#2. Fall in love with your vegetables

Fresh vegetables are a rich source of fiber, essential nutrients and minerals. Adding these to your diet in the form of salads or juices will help to flush out toxins from your body and give your face a healthy glow.

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#3. Drink plenty of water

All health and beauty experts emphasise on the importance of drinking water. You must try to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water in a day. Water helps cleanse your body and rejuvenates your skin. Insufficient intake may lead to severe dehydration.

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#4. Say no to cigarettes

Smoking not only causes cancer of the lungs and other dreadful health conditions, but also adversely affects your looks. It also harms the health of those who inhale the smoke passively. People who do smoke should quit for a longer and healthier life and also to set a good example for generations to come.

#5. Stay away from heavy fried and junk foods

Junk foods or fast foods are very rich in spices, oils, trans fats, artificial preservatives and sugars. All these are responsible for causing ailments like high cholesterol, high blood sugar, hypertension and kidney or gall bladder stones. Also, eating fast foods is one of the main reasons behind obesity, especially in children. Instead of feasting on such foods, make an effort to eat a well balanced and nutritious home cooked meal.

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#6. Sleep well

Experts suggest that we require at least eight to nine hours of proper uninterrupted sleep. For this you must never take long naps in the afternoon; if you wish to rest in the day take short power naps. Choose a comfortable and inviting mattress for your bed. Avoid a heavy meal at night and never go to bed right after dinner. Make it a point to go on a small walk after dinner so that the food gets digested.

Remember, health is wealth. Do adapt these healthy habits to live a long and healthy life!

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