6 Incredible Perks of Being a Costco Employee

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Costco was one of the companies at the forefront of raising their minimum wage to $15 (it's now $16), but the pay is only one of the job perks that come along with working at the warehouse club.

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Here's a look at some of the incredible benefits enjoyed by Costco employees.


Multiple Yearly Bonuses

Although this is a perk you only get after working for the company for a few years, it's a good one. According to Costco's website, "we provide twice-yearly Extra Checks (bonuses) for long-tenured hourly employees."


Free Executive Membership

Costco employees get free membership cards for themselves and their friends and family.

"We get four free membership cards (including mine) with 2% cash back annually," one long-time Costo cashier wrote on Quora. "[These] cards can be given to any family members or any friend of your choice. And if you work for Costco for more [than] 25 years [and retire, you get] a lifetime membership card."

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First Dibs on Hot-Ticket Items

Employees get to test out new products before they hit shelves and often buy up hot-ticket items as soon as they are available.

"It's frequently the case that we're out of stock of something because we've bought them all," a Costco employee in Ohio told Fox Business.


First Dibs on Sale Items

Employees also get access to sales before shoppers do.

"We see stuff go on clearance before you do, and if it's a good deal, we'll snatch them up," the Ohio employee told Fox Business.

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Free Thanksgiving Turkey

Multiple employees confirmed on Reddit that American Costco workers all receive a voucher for a free turkey every Thanksgiving. Costco donates the turkeys that employees choose not to take home.

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Exclusive Employee Shopping Hours

Perhaps the biggest downside to shopping at Costco is the super long checkout lines -- but employees get to avoid these.

"You can shop after hours, and a lot of employees do that," a Costco employee in Washington State told Mental Floss.

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