6 infants sickened by salmonella outbreak linked to pet food, multiple brands recalled

Pet food made by Mid America Pet Food is being recalled after reports of illnesses linked to a salmonella outbreak.

The Food and Drug Administration and Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued the pet food recall on Nov. 9 and urged pet owners to throw away all recalled dog and cat food items on the list.

According to the recall notice, seven cases of illness across seven states have been reported. Six of those diagnosed are less than 1 year old and the outbreak has so far resulted in one hospitalization.

“People in this outbreak got sick from touching recalled dog food, touching things like dog bowls that contained the dog food, or touching the poop or saliva of dogs that were fed the dog food,” a statement on the CDC’s page regarding the recall reads. “Most of the sick people in this outbreak are infants.”

It also issued guidelines for properly disposing of the products to avoid spreading the bacteria.

What dog food brands were recalled?

The brands listed by Mid America Pet Food are:

  • Victor Super Premium Dog Food

  • Wayne Feeds Dog Food

  • Member’s Mark

  • Victor Super Premium Cat Food

  • Wayne Feeds Gold Cat Food

The list with UPC numbers can be seen in full here, but all of the products of both the cat and dog food products have best buy dates before Oct. 31, 2024.

What do I do if a product is recalled?

The CDC instructs cleaning all surfaces (including pet bowls) that might have come in contact with recalled food items. The agency also calls consumers to place recalled products into sealed trash bags and trash cans in order to protect wildlife.

Consumers with questions regarding the recall should contact Mid America Pet Food at 1-888-428-7544.

When should I worry about salmonella?

The CDC recommends contacting a healthcare provider in the case of severe salmonella symptoms displayed in children and adults.

Such symptoms include:

  • Diarrhea with a fever greater than 102 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Diarrhea for more than three days that does not go away

  • Blood in diarrhea

  • Vomiting to the point of not being able to keep in liquids

  • Signs of dehydration such as dry mouth, dizziness, lack of urination

How can I treat my dog for salmonella?

The CDC underlines contacting your veterinary care provider if your pet has consumed recalled pet food and exhibits symptoms such as:

  • Diarrhea

  • Vomiting

  • Fever

  • Appetite

  • Low activity level

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