6-Year-Old Chassidy Saunders’ Family Pleads For Info To Catch Her Murderer

CBS4's Ted Scouten shares the family's message.

Video Transcript

ART ACEVEDO: When someone takes a child's life, the streets talk. It's time for these streets to talk.

- Now at 5:30, Miami's police chief and the family of a six-year-old killed at a party coming together to ask someone to come forward and help them find a shooter.

For the family of Chassidy Saunders, this isn't just about finding her killer.

- Yeah, they want to see people come forward in their case and in the shooting death of a three-year-old boy at his own birthday party.

CBS4's Ted Scouten is live for us in Miami with more. Ted?

TED SCOUTEN: Eliott and Lauren, tonight that family is begging for clues as they try to find the killer of that little girl. It was about four months ago when she was gunned down on this street right here, and tonight the person who pulled the trigger is still out there.

SHARON CULLINS: Just come forward and let us know who did this to our baby.

TED SCOUTEN: A grandmother pleading for help. She and the family are looking for clues into the January 16 murder of six-year-old Chassidy Saunders.

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The fun-loving little girl was shot in a drive-by on 6th Place near Northwest 54th street while at a birthday party.

SHARON CULLINS: She was just a beautiful, spirited little girl. And we are begging the community to please, please come out, talk, let us know. You don't have to reveal who you are, just tell us who did this to our baby.

CHARLES SAUNDERS: First it was Chassidy January. 3 months later, now it's Elijah. Another 3-year-old innocent child lost to gun violence. Y'all just letting them get away.

TED SCOUTEN: Chassidy's father, Charles, reminds everyone his daughter is not the only innocent life lost recently, remembering Elijah LaFrance. He was shot and killed during a barrage of gunfire while celebrating his fourth birthday. He says these past few months have been difficult, especially for Chassidy's little brother.

CHARLES SAUNDERS: We go through days, sit at the table, eat, have to hear my youngest child ask me, "How did Chassidy die? When is she coming back? Where is she? How's she doing?" That hurts.

KATHERRINE FERNANDEZ: Call every tidbit, whatever kernel of information you may have, and let law enforcement put it all together.

TED SCOUTEN: The state attorney's office is joining that plea for tips along with Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo.

ART ACEVEDO: And even on the streets, even on gangs, there are rules that we follow. And the one thing we know that anyone that considers themselves a man, that has information on the death of a child, comes forward. When someone takes a child's life, the streets talk. And it's time for these streets to talk.

TED SCOUTEN: Now, if you have any information, even if you just heard chatter, police want to hear from you. Call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. And remember, no one will know who you are. You can remain anonymous.

Live in Miami, Ted Scouten, CBS4 News.