6-year-old killed in Pasadena apartment over spilled water, police say

Police say Laurionne Walker and the shooter, who are related in some way, according to investigators, were involved in an argument over spilled water.

Video Transcript

- A extremely heartbreaking situation that we're dealing with here. In fact, we just had a family, possibly friends, that just arrived moments ago. You can see them embracing after we just learned the news just literally seconds ago that the six-year-old who was shot multiple times here in Pasadena has passed away at a nearby hospital.

And even possibly the more heartbreaking part of this all, we just talked to the Pasadena Police Department and the officer told us that this was all possibly started over the child spilling a glass of water in the apartment. And the suspect then getting angry and opening fire. Now, that suspect took off after the shooting, and Pasadena police were able to make an arrest with the person trying to get away. So he is now at the police department talking to officers about what happened.

We don't know exactly how many shots were fired. We were told it was multiple here. It happened this afternoon at about 11:30. And there were people inside the apartment complex when suddenly, the person opened fire, hitting the child.

We don't know if the child was hit multiple times, but we do know there was multiple shots that were fired inside the apartment complex here. You know, police are still working the scene out here. there's a number of them, they've got the crime scene unit that's out here. They also have officers over at the hospital that are working with the family.

But as I mentioned, some of the-- it looks like family members had just arrived here just seconds ago. And it's just-- it's heartbreaking to see what they're dealing with, as we have just learned that the six-year-old who was shot multiple times has died. We're still trying to learn more about the young girl that was killed here this afternoon.

Police are going to continue to be out here for a little bit-- while longer, and we're going to try and talk to some of the family as well. But just a really tragic and tough situation down here at this apartment complex.