6-year-old shot by neighbor after he finds boy outside his home, Michigan police say

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A man accused of shooting his 6-year-old neighbor is back in custody after initially being let out of jail on a $10,000 bond, according to a prosecuting attorney.

Eli Savitt, the Washtenaw County Prosecutor, questioned the bond 29-year-old Ryan Le-Nguyen was given after the incident Sunday in the eastern Michigan township of Ypsilanti. Savitt was granted his release Tuesday, but was back in jail Thursday after his bond was upgraded at the request of the prosecutor, Savit said.

Le-Nguyen was jailed on a charge of assault with intent to murder, MLive.com reported.

Savit said “the boy was playing on the sidewalk in front of his neighbor’s home” when the neighbor shot him through his window. The bullet struck the boy in his arm and the prosecutor said he “will be all right.”

The shooting happened after Le-Nguyen heard commotion outside and told the 6-year-old and other children to leave, MLive.com reported.

The boy’s father told FOX 2 that Le-Nguyen first approached his son with a sledgehammer when the boy went to retrieve his bicycle from in front of the neighbor’s home.

Surveillance footage obtained by FOX 2 shows the child yell out in pain after a gunshot is heard. Another child screams for help when he notices the 6-year-old bleeding from his arm.

The boy’s father, Arnold Daniel, told FOX 2 he was “trying to figure out how he got a bond so low for trying to kill my kid.”

Savit said the prosecutors “recommended significantly more stringent conditions on bond.” He filed an emergency motion seeking to cancel Le-Nguyen’s bond, which was granted Thursday.

The bond was upgraded to $100,000, USA Today reported.

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