6-year-old's hands duct taped by teacher's aide at charter school

WASHINGTON - A six-year-old's hands were allegedly duct taped by a teacher's aide at a Friendship Public Charter School. 

A D.C. mother told FOX 5 that duct tape was used to bind her son's hands by a teacher’s aide who was allegedly trying to stop the first-grader from drumming on the desk to make music.

She says she found bruises on her son’s wrists after the school called her about this incident on Wednesday.

<div>The mom of a 6-year-old says her son's hands were bruised after being duct taped at a DC public charter school.</div>
The mom of a 6-year-old says her son's hands were bruised after being duct taped at a DC public charter school.

This all happened at Friendship Woodridge International Elementary and Middle School in Northeast D.C. 

"Who knows what trauma that caused on my son? Who knows what that caused on other students that witnessed this? No child should have to go through this whether they have behavioral issues, they have mental issues, whatever the problem is, this child is not an animal. We don’t tape up children," said the mother, who asked to not be identified. "They’re here to learn and get educated. And that’s your duty as an educator to protect and educate these students."

The school reported the incident to the D.C. Child Family Services Agency. CFSA and the school apparently reported this to D.C. Police, who are now investigating the alleged physical abuse of a child. 

The mother was originally told the incident happened as the main teacher had stepped out. But after a meeting with the principal on Thursday, she says she was told the main teacher was in the room as her son's hands were taped. FOX 5 has learned the teacher was placed on administrative leave.

The mom says she is pleased with the principal’s quick response but is still looking into legal recourse.

"For me and anybody in any career field, if that’s not a passion of yours and that’s not something that you really have a heart to desire to do, do not get into that field. Especially dealing with children and health care. Our children are putting their trust in you to protect them while they’re away from their parents," she said.

The school network sent  a statement to FOX 5: 
"The safety and wellbeing of our students and staff is always our top priority. Immediately after being made aware of the incident, we removed the adult involved, contacted the family and involved local law enforcement. The adult involved is not an employee but a temporary substitute from Align Staffing."