6 top-shelf Advent calendars for chocolate lovers

Advent calendars have been linked with chocolate from their very beginnings. Because they are well-adapted to all sorts of small treasures, they are easily adaptable to the whims and themes of chocolate makers.

Manufacture Alain Ducasse

Leopards, colorful birds, and exotic flowers. Illustrated by Agathe Singer, the Manufacture's Advent calendar brings to mind a wild "chocolate jungle." The paper case brings together the house's richest treats like chocolate pralines and tablets. Price: €45

Pierre Marcolini

The Belgian chocolatier is making its Advent calendar extra pleasurable by bringing together 24 types of pralines, chocolate hearts, nuggets, and caramels. Sometimes, chocoholics are even rewarded by two chocolates at once. Price: €49

Manufacture Cluizel

Old-fashioned pralines, dark chocolate ganaches, miniature fruit and nut bars ... Each of Cluizel's hand-filled calendars offers a concentration of their mouth-watering array. Price: €43.45

Pierre Hermé

The "Picasso of Pastry" has an Advent calendar built around the same theme as his Christmas collection: hidden treasures. Embracing the spirit of the forest theme, the wreath-shaped calendar contains 24 small drawers in which are hidden chocolates and pralines. Price: €62

La Maison du Chocolat

An icy wind is blowing at the Maison du Chocolat for the year-end holidays. In keeping with this year's Polar theme, the calendar is shaped like an igloo. Each of the 24 windows reserve chocolate surprises. Price: €45

Jean-Paul Hévin

This is the first year that the Hévin house is bringing out an Advent calendar. Theirs is nature-themed and specifically highlights endangered species. High-quality ganaches and the house pralines are found inside. Price: €39