This $7 Trap With Over 35,000 Reviews ‘Works Like a Charm’ for Getting Rid of Gnats, Fruit Flies, & Mosquitos

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If there’s one thing we absolutely hate, it’s fruit flies. Fruit flies, gnats, and mosquitos: you name it, and we hate it. They always seem to multiply like crazy, and then one or two becomes a swarm. They’re a nuisance, to put it lightly, and we’ve tried everything.

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Trust us; we’ve done the plant mixtures Instagram influencers recommended to protect our plants and the apple cider vinegar and soap concoction everyone uses. While they work short-term, it’s not a solution we want to do all the time.

Thanks to Amazon, we found a secret must-have for fighting this problem!


Garsum Fruit Fly Sticky Traps

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The Garsum Fruit Fly Sticky Trap is a powerful, handy dandy tool that lets you get those pesky, forever-multiplying flying insects into one place and then out of your life. From gnats to fruit flies, mosquitos to white flies, this pest trap claims to get them all. Both long-lasting and easy-to-use, this sticky trap is an eco-friendly and effective way or eradicating those annoying pests with ease.

Per the brand, you can use these indoors or outdoors, either in your houseplants or in a concentrated area where pests are. Then watch the magic happen as the pests swarm to the sticky trap! (If you have a bad fruit fly problem, shoppers suggest having the apple cider vinegar concoction nearby to entice them!)

With nearly 36,000 reviews on Amazon at 4.5 stars, shoppers are buying these little guys in bulk. One shopper said they “work like a charm,” saying, “I put them in my flower pots and on some lights that the gnats are drawn to. In one day they were covered in gnats.” And another shopper said the same thing, adding, “After receiving the I took one out of the package and simply put it on top of the jar with the vinegar until I could get around to hanging the rest. 24 hours later the trap was covered with flys. Cleared up the problem in a couple of days.”

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