60 Minutes' 55th season comes to an end

Thank you for watching our 55th season of 60 Minutes. We've been on some amazing adventures this year and 60 Minutes has interviewed some fascinating characters -- among them, presidents and princes, prime ministers and controversial members of Congress. We learned a bit about the nature of our pets and tried never to be predictable.

We've viewed nature's awes and war's atrocities. Along the way, we've been entertained by some musicians and performers.

We've explored evidence of miracles at pilgrimage sites and evidence of desperation at our borders.

And we've introduced a new correspondent who has plunged right in.

Thanks for coming along with us.

I'm Bill Whitaker.  We'll be back next week for a summer of classic and updated stories while we begin reporting and shooting for this fall – our 56th season of 60 Minutes.

60 Minutes’ 55th season comes to an end

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