Man, I Honestly Feel Sorry For These People Who Had A Really, Really, Really, Really Bad Month

If you had a moment last month where you felt down and out and like the whole world conspired against you, just remember...

1.The person who learned one of life's most important lessons:

spilled chili in a car
u/thecoolamps / Via

2.The person whose grilled cheese is literally about to explode:

Cheese on a slice of toast all puffed up
u/martyjoh204 / Via

3.The person whose sheets just got a sick new design:

person who stained their sheets with a new tattoo
u/johnthemaud / Via

4.The person who will now be pioneering the "5,000-second rule":

The contents of a table on its side on the floor
u/detestify / Via

5.The person whose cologne bottle exploded in a way heretofore unseen by human eyes:

Pieces of glass all over a bathroom counter and the tiled floor
u/logical_yak_224 / Via

6.The person who Hulked their dang door straight off:

The frame of a car door disconnected from the inner part
u/olga4994 / Via

7.The person whose makeup bag absolutely exploded:

Dropped makeup bag with all the liquid makeup spilled inside
u/dinklederp / Via

8.The person who paid handsomely for the world's tiniest burrito:

tiny burrito
u/alehaus / Via

9.The person who gets the honor of playing a little "tickle, tickle" later in the flight:

A bare foot jutting from the side of an airplane seat
u/leavethisearth / Via

10.The person who will forever regret accelerating in that specific moment:

man who drove into freshly poured concrete
u/endersgame_reviewer / Via

11.The person whose chocolate chip cookies might be a tad overdone:

burnt cookies
u/Unusual-Feeling7527 / Via

12.The person who had quite literally the unthinkable happen to them and their poor toothbrush:

gecko poop on a toothbrush
u/Raffello / Via

13.The person who got themselves a nice sear:

A hand with marks from a stove
u/wizard_of_claus / Via

14.The person about to have a very white kitchen:

flour upside down

15.The person whose landlord was kind enough to practice their amateur taxidermy on a kitchen counter:

mosquito sealed in epoxy
u/hickom14 / Via

16.The person whose oven spontaneously combusted at the worst possible moment:

Shattered oven door with caption: Why did this happen on Thanksgiving? Why?!
u/tree_hair / Via

17.The person who, like King Arthur himself, must now pull the sacred tuna from the sink:

The top of a tuna can perfectly stuck in a sink drain
u/catl2333 / Via

18.The person who was lucky enough to get a little extra protein in their bag of peas:

An insect amid frozen peas
u/ice_wait_6493 / Via

19.The person who miiight have wanted to measure those stairs one last time before putting them in:

Person standing on a step with their head extending above the ceiling
u/vincesamios / Via

20.The person whose Good Samaritan power lines saved the day:

A fallen tree held up only by two power lines

Shoutout to power lines. Always keeping us going.

u/cerart939 / Via

21.The person who found a little furry friend in their grapes:

A spider in grapes
u/KDMKat / Via

22.The person whose dog absolutely decimated their passport right before a trip:

broken passport
u/bdn2555 / Via

23.The inventor of a brand new bird poop latte:

a coffee cup a bird shit into

Yum! / Via u/rilescrane

24.The person rockin' the sick new Rachael Ray tat:

Caption: I accidentally branded Rachael Ray's name on myself with one of her roasting trays
u/doyouhaveeyedrops / Via

25.The person who got the Tiny Tim special at the restaurant:

A "grilled cheese" with just a thin slice of overcooked American cheese with the caption "I paid $12 for this"
u/trappedonanescalator / Via

26.The person who, much like J. Paul Getty, will never, ever leave oil alone again:

oil explosion in a kitchen
u/fasada68 / Via

27.The person whose chocolate egg became a pile of chocolate goop:

A melted chocolate egg in a box left in the sun
u/giagus / Via

28.The person who got a liiiiittle took excited when opening their gift envelope:

Torn money inside an envelope opened too quickly
u/Onlykidnap68 / Via

29.The person whose book made SURE there wouldn't be any spoilers for them:

An open book with pages that jump from 702 to 767
u/divineswine_ / Via

30.The person who is eatin' good tonight:

A piece of hair coming out of a fried egg roll
u/Silver_Medusa / Via

31.The person who apparently had a small-scale oil spill happen in their kitchen, the likes of which J. Paul Getty would certainly be interested in:

Black paint all over the wood kitchen floor
u/PubicHairTaco / Via

32.The person who's eatin' good on their cross-continental flight:

A large open roll with one thin slice of bacon and some butter
u/mike_oc23 / Via

33.The person who is currently in the splash zone for 1.5 pounds of pure, unadulterated BBQ goodness:

A Styrofoam container with a large piece of meat and gravy/blood extending over the sides and onto the plane's seat tray
u/manly_walker / Via

34.The person whose "DO NOT BEND" envelope got bent...oh, it got bent:

A folded large envelope with "Do not bend" circled on it
u/TheOnesWithin / Via

35.The person whose luggage ended up arriving like it had SEEN some things:

Very torn, beat-up-looking luggage
u/an0nym0ose / Via

36.The person who tried to be the "full-size candy bar house" and ended up with nothing but disappointment:

A pile of candy, and boxes of it in the background, with the caption "We didn't get a single trick-or-treater"
u/ElCochinoFeo / Via

37.The person who accidentally cooked their cheesecake on the surface of the sun:

Burnt, blackened cake stuck to a pan
u/pixmanohio / Via

38.The person whose hard-earned money went to some crisp, cool air:

An opened envelope with just thick plastic cushioning and nothing inside
u/EcstaticBoysenberry / Via

39.The person whose steak was cooked to unfathomable levels of doneness:

A burnt piece of thin meat alongside cheese on toast and bacon bits
u/NeoshadowXC / Via

40.The person who broke their car in ways previously thought impossible:

Front tire on a car but at a diagonal
u/A_Common_Relic / Via

41.The person whose cookies are lookin' absolutely, positively scrumptious:

A pancakey-looking blob on a cookie tray
u/evaura / Via

42.The person whose neighbor pulled this wildly perplexing yet frustrating move:

Person shoveling snow through a fence
u/allthepoutine / Via

43.This person who is about to have a very cronchy lunch:

person who brought kitty litter to work instead of their lunch

44.The person with a computer that is now part soup:

soup spilled on a computer

45.The person who got off the bus and stepped straight into Hades itself:

hole next to where the bus stopped
u/ricksurf760 / Via

46.The person whose dang teeth were fallin' out in the early hours of Thanksgiving dinner:

A tooth with crown in the palm of a hand with the caption "My crown fell out after my first bite"
u/0hsewcute / Via

47.The person whose cats seriously have it out for delicious pie:

Cat paw prints in the pie, with the caption "My cats decided no one would be eating pumpkin pie"
u/verlonica / Via

48.The person whose thumb tattoo seems to be drawn on with street chalk:

A thumb with just the white outline of a nail drawn on it
u/TheSouthernMudd / Via

49.The person whose dream of becoming an MLB middle reliever died that day:

person who missed the collandar with spaghetti
u/cadillac-blood / Via

50.The person who learned the hard way that you should never wash a pillow in the washing machine like this:

Deconstructed pillow in a million pieces in the washing machine
u/OverBasil7856 / Via

51.The other person who learned one of life's most important lessons the hard way:

A big lizard eating someone's picnic food
u/pm_me_your_bonsai_tips / Via

52.Ol' ripped pants:

rip in pants

53.The person whose turkey miiiiiiight just be a little overcooked:

Blackened turkey on the grass with caption: My father in law thought the temperature gauge was a timer
u/rflock7 / Via

54.The person who surely has the goopiest kayak around:

kayak melted in the sun
u/national-top-2452 / Via

55.The person who will forever be sitting in a lake of Diet Dr. Pepper:

soda spilled in a car
u/trieditalissa / Via

56.The person who added a brand-new ingredient to their makeup:

Makeup in a litter box

57.The person who is about to play the worst game of bobbing for apples that has ever been played:

A pair of eyeglasses in the toilet
u/rylie_is_an_idiot / Via

58.The person who experienced one of the worst laundry disasters one can experience:

Person who spilled liquid detergent from a large container all over the floor in front of the washing machine, with the caption "I've made a huge mistake"
u/massive_wash_9528 / Via

59.The person who loves their child very much, I'm sure:

A plate of cupcakes sans frosting, with the caption "My wife made cupcakes, and my 8-year-old ate all the frosting"
u/soredickdeal / Via

60.And the person faced with Schrödinger's Shrek plate:

A Shrek plate, perfectly affixed into the bottom of a pan, that can't be removed without breaking it

Quite the dilemma.

u/CochinNbrahma / Via