60 royal baby names for people who want to keep it traditional

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The Royals are pretty big news at the moment, with the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first baby being just weeks away.

Unsurprisingly, the royal family are known to have a pretty heavy cultural influence; not only where fashion and beauty are concerned, but also in terms of baby names. The Telegraph noted, for instance, that Charlotte had become their readers' most popular baby name following the birth of the young princess in 2015.

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So if you're looking to follow suit - and are keen on choosing a name with a regal feel that's steeped in tradition - how about any one of the following options, which baby naming site Nameberry highlighted as having been used by British royalty over the past few centuries. Don't worry, there are a few less obvious ones than just 'Elizabeth' and 'Charles' in there:

Royal boys names (in alphabetical order):

1. Adrian

2. Alfred

3. Arthur

4. Augustus

5. Charles

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6. Edgar

7. Edmund

8. Edward

9. Ernest

10. Frederick

11. Geoffrey

12. Harold

13. Henry

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14. Humphrey

15. Jasper

16. John

17. Leopold

18. Lionel

19. Nicholas

20. Philip

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21. Richard

22. Robert

23. Rupert

24. Stephen

25. Thomas

26. Victor

27. William

Royal girls names (in alphabetical order:

1. Adela

2. Adelaide

3. Agatha

4. Alice

5. Amelia

6. Anne

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7. Augusta

8. Beatrice

9. Blanche

10. Caroline

11. Catherine

12. Cecily

13. Charlotte

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14. Clementina

15. Dorothea

16. Edith

17. Eleanor

18. Elizabeth

19. Emma

20. Eugenie

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21. Frances

22. Helen

23. Isabella

24. Joan

25. Judith

26. Louisa

27. Margaret

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28. Matilda

29. Maud

30. Philippa

31. Sarah

32. Sophia

33. Victoria

Head to Nameberry's royal boys names and royal girls names pages for more information on the royal history behind each one.

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