60 Things Basically Everyone Has Experienced But Never, Ever Talks About

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Pretty much every human on Earth has experienced...

1.The disgust:

2.The quick little check:

3.The essential TV watching activity:


4.The mad dash:

5.The cliffhanger:

6.The duality of man:

Twitter: @thehyyyype

7.The HUGE difference in ratings:


8.The essential meal activity:

Twitter: @thekillakay_

9.The worst experience:

10.The loss of tired:

11.The reason for subtitles half the time:

12.The embarrassment:

Twitter: @milkandmorphine

13.The eye rub:

14.The eeeeeeeeeeeeee:

Twitter: @qtcem

15.The hardest choice:


16.The meal follow-up:

17.The sheer relief:

18.Time well spent:

19.The come to Jesus moment:


20.The longest walk:

21.The true mark of adulthood:

22.The smack:

23.The sub-zero temps:


24.Ye ol' garbage-can read:

25.The cup cleanup:

26.The $5 spending spree:

Twitter: @rapidly

27.The tingles:

tweet reading me hits my elbow my entire nervous system and it's a photo of a glitched out homer simpson

28.The flailing:

tweet reading chasing after a ping pong ball is wildly dehumanizing

29.The unruly hoodie:

30.The final brush:

31.Those essential minutes:

32.The eternal distrust:

33.The time double-check:

34.The security anxiety:

35.The hidden hill breathing:

36.The line deception:


37.What really happens before an email:

38.The quadruple overpack:

39.The immediate ignore:

40.The mumbles:

Spongebob heaving as his mouth is pushed open by Patrick with the caption "The Dentist: So how's life going"

41.The most extreme sport:

Twitter: @ruckin_

42.The out-of-body experience:

43.The vibe check:

44.The synchronized breathing:

45.The super-stupid question:

46.Those clicks:

Twitter: @charles270

47.The worst sight to behold:


48.The google of shame:

49.The headphone pull:

50.The intimate connection:


51.The shower envy:

52.The sorrow:

Shrek looking sad with the caption "when you agreed to go out and the time to go out is getting closer"

53.The hardest question you'll ever answer:

Twitter: @therealcodybuer

54.The sweet, sweet crackle:

Meme that reads "When the vacuum cleaner goes over a spot of dirt and you hear that crackle" with Robin Williams saying "That's the good stuff"

55.The remote trace:


56.The big delay:

Twitter: @kylllle

57.The soundtrack to life:


58.That lil' awkward shuffle:

59.The hole of no return:

60.The room fashion show:

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