$60M Apartment Project Part Of St. Matthews Cathedral 'Facelift'

The project is one of many changes expected to take place in 2023.

Video Transcript

- --east Dallas continues to expand as new buildings and establishments are expected to be added to a local Cathedral. Rachael O'Neil has that story all new for us at 4:30.

- St. Matthew's Cathedral on Ross and Garrett Avenue has been a landmark in the area since the late 1900s. Now their congregation decided it's time for a face lift. One of them, a 384 unit apartment complex.

ROBERT PRICE: We want to be able to offer our home and open it to others so that they can find a place and a home in Old East Dallas where they can be known and where they can be celebrated.

- I'm told the apartment project, known as Alexan Cathedral Art, is estimated to cost about $60 million. Price says this is one of many changes expected to take place in 2023.

ROBERT PRICE: There's going to be a beautiful green space that the Cathedral will be building and maintaining. There will be a marketplace that we're going to be installing along Ross Avenue for farmers markets, art exhibitions, community gatherings of any sort.

- The Cathedral's staff are also planning to open a preschool and transform their parking lot into a Plaza. Price hopes adding these new elements to the community will help encourage them to unite even more.

ROBERT PRICE: We want people to be neighbors. We want people to come together and build a relationship. People can find the Cathedral to be a place where they are valued and welcomed and can build a new life together in Old East Dallas.

- In Dallas, Rachael O'Neil, CBS11 News.