65 candidates filed for county's 11 school boards

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Mar. 8—WILKES-BARRE — As of 5 p.m. Tuesday the Luzerne County Election Bureau website listed 65 candidates for Luzerne County's 11 school boards for May's primary election.

Unless otherwise noted, the seats are for four-year terms

Crestwood: Anna Bibla and Craig Champi are running on the Republican ticket, Lauren McCurdy on the Democratic ticket. Denise Chaytor Zugarek and John Peter Webby II are cross-filed.

Dallas: Carrie Wilson Brdaric, Josh Mason, Kristin Pitarra, Larry Schuler, Patrick Musto and Susan Allen are cross-filed, while Michele Gingo is on the Republican ticket.

Greater Nanticoke Area: David Vnuk, Erika McQuown Jacobs, Mark Cardone and Tony Prushinski are all cross-filed.

Hazleton Area: Carol Makuta and Jackie Scarcella are cross-filed for a two-year seat, while Taira Ferreras is running for a two-year seat on the Democratic ticket and Tony Bonomos is running for it on the Republican ballot. For the four-year seats, Carmella Yenkevich, Ellen McBride, Scarcella, James Chapman, Joseph J. Barletta,Joseph Zeller Jr., Peter Bard, Robert Childs and Bonomo are cross-filed, while Daniel Jorge and Ivelisse Childs are on the Democratic slate.

Lake-Lehman: One of only two districts with board members elected by region. In Region 1, Lorraine Farrell, Sara Saylor Kashatus and Thomas Scott Walsh are cross-filed, with Mark Wallace on the Republican ticket. In Region 2, Robert Baran is cross filed while Robert Wright is on the Republican ticket. In Region 3, Robert A. Wojtowicz Jr. is on the Democratic slate.

Northwest Area: Clement Benson, Edward Brunn and Marvin Levalley are cross-filed while Edward Beleski is on the Republican ticket.

Pittston Area: Frank Serino, Frank Lawler and Rosanne Ricotta are cross-filed, while Joseph Salvo and Michael Crawford are on the Democratic ticket.

Wilkes-Barre Area: Corey Moore, Mark Atherton and Warren Faust are cross-filed, with Beth Anne Harris and Shawn Walker on the Democratic ballot.

Wyoming Area: Nick DeAngelo is cross filed for the two-year seat, while Kirby Kunkle, Len Pribula, Mara Pagnotti Valenti, Michael Kachmarsky, Peter Butera and Rebecca Rutkoski are cross-filed for the four-year seat.

Wyoming Valley West: The other district that votes by region. In Region 1, Mark Kobusky is on the Republican ticket. In Region 3, Brian Dubaskas in on the Demoratic ballot. In Region 4, Tim McGinley is cross-filed. In Region 7, Charles Rick Kamus is cross-filed. And in Region 9, Nicholas Wilson and Thomas Pieczynski are cross-filed.