I-69/I-610 ramp closure we've been talking about is about to happen

Brace yourselves, Houston. We've been telling you about these closures, and now the first round of them has already started.

Video Transcript

- It actually does affect all of us, art, you, me, all of us. Let's take a look. This is one of the busiest interchanges in the state of Texas. You can see, from above, the view from SkyEye, how complicated all of this is. We are doing the work step-by-step. But OK, you see the red arrow inbound on the Southwest Freeway, to the West Loop northbound into the Galleria area.

That is the exact ramp we're showing you on SkyEye that is going to be closing down tonight. But let me take you to the maps, because this is basically a three-step process over several days. It's going to be painful. So yes, avoid the area if possible, but we know some of you can't. So here we go. Northbound to the West Loop northbound closes tonight at 9:00 until further notice.

You'll no longer have that ramp over the next several months. This weekend, northbound and southbound, all mainlands and the Southwest Freeway at the West Loop will close for demolition work. That is for the safety of you and for the workers, reopening Monday morning at 5:00 AM. But then, the final step and another painful one, US-59 southbound to the West Loop northbound closing Monday night at 9 o'clock until further notice.

These will open later on, later this year, early next year. So here are the detours that will be in place by next week. To the West Loop northbound, on the northbound side you'll just go southbound and U-turn. So that will be available to you. But on the southbound side, you'll have to exit the freeway altogether at Newcastle and then ride that frontage road over to Richmond and Westheimer.