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The 7 Best GPS Apps for Tackling the Outdoors

When it comes to navigating in the outdoors, the map and compass still reign supreme. They don't require batteries, you don't need service, and they have all the information you need to tell you where you are (and don't worry if you don't know how to use them, you can learn here).

But, most of us also carry our phones into the backcountry. And while its good to get off the grid, if you're bringing your phone for photos, you might as well use its built-in GPS function, too. These apps aren't your average Google Maps, these GPS apps are built for outdoor adventures. They won't replace your map and compass, but they can be a great companion.

Here are 7 of our favorites:

The 7 Best GPS Apps for Tackling the Outdoors

While getting off the grid, your phone can still be a great tool to track where you've been and what's ahead.

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