The 7 Best Solar Lights to Brighten Your Backyard for Less

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Brightening up your outdoor living area can drastically improve the way your garden or patio looks and give you an incentive to spend more time in the yard during warmer seasons. There's no better way to add some brightness to your outdoor space than with solar lights. Unlike traditional outdoor lighting, solar lights draw from the sun's energy, storing it via a rechargeable battery until dusk to illuminate pathways, stairs, and fences.

In addition to giving you a sense of security and better visibility come nighttime, solar lights are also eco-friendly because they don't create harmful emissions that harm the planet. And since they harness the sun's light, solar options are a bright spot on your electric bill, too.

Another plus? Their wire-free design lets you place them in any sunny area in the yard, from your walkway to your garden, so you're not constrained to using them near a plug.

With options for warm string lights, in-ground path lights, and more, you'll find everything you need to brighten a backyard in this list. Each outdoor solar light included here has an incredibly long runtime, is able to withstand various weather conditions, and is backed by thousands of five-star ratings on Amazon. Browse the best outdoor solar lights below, and get ready to relax in your well-lit backyard.

Best Overall: Solpex Solar Landscape Lights

Brighten your driveway and the walkway leading up to your front door with these Solpex Solar Landscape Lights that provide a good source of light without hiking up your energy bill. Easy to install, these solar lights have stakes at the end that dig into the ground and securely stay in place wherever you need extra light. They have a solar cell panel at the top that absorbs sunlight and converts it into electricity to illuminate your path. Shoppers say its pretty double-ring pattern gives off a “beautiful glow,” brightening up the area with either a warm or white light.

Buy It: Solpex Solar Landscape Lights, $40 with coupon (originally $45), Amazon

Best Value: Sunnest Solar Outdoor Lights

These small (about 2 inches round) outdoor lights pack a punch when it comes to brightening pathways. The set of 12 comes with enough lights to surround your entryway or veggie garden. They have a nail-like design that easily sticks into the ground and emits a bright cool or warm white glow, depending on your preference. Made of durable stainless steel, these solar lights withstand weather elements for long-lasting illumination. The corrosion-resistant lights have an IP44 waterproof grade exterior that can even hold up during the snowy winter months. And with eight hours of sun exposure, they deliver up to 10 hours of light.

Buy It: Sunnest Solar Outdoor Lights, $26 (originally $30), Amazon

Best String Lights: Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights

Twinkly string lights are a fun way to add character to your backyard. This option from Brightech has an antique aesthetic with exposed LED Edison bulbs that hang on a black 27- or 48-foot wire. Shoppers have used these solar string lights over their patio via poles, along their fence, and under a pergola. The string lights are attached to an exterior solar panel that soaks up the sun’s light to deliver a magical ambiance under the stars. Shoppers say they like that the solar string lights automatically shut off after six hours, so they don’t run late into the night. The lights are so popular, they have more than 9,600 five-star ratings on Amazon from shoppers who love them.

Buy It: Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights, $38 with coupon (originally $40), Amazon

Best Ground Lights: Dekugaa Solar Ground Lights

Installing solar ground lights in your backyard will brighten up dark areas and corners that are hard to see at night. The best-selling Dekugaa Solar Ground Lights are a perfect outdoor addition, not only because they’re functional, but their in-ground design is also stylish, giving your yard a modern look. They come with small spikes that secure each light in the soil so all you see is its surface for a minimalist appearance. With eight LEDs per light, you’ll also love how bright they get. Shoppers say they’re ideal for gardens, walkways, and even near the pool.

Buy It: Dekugaa Solar Ground Lights, ($28, Amazon)

Best Hanging Lights: Gigalumi Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lights

For decorative lighting, try the Gigalumi hanging lights that are absolutely adorable thanks to a Mason jar design. Each jar is filled with twinkling LED string lights that illuminate through the glass. Each screw-on lid has a high-tech solar feature on top to capture and store the sun’s light, allowing it to illuminate your yard for up to eight hours. Shoppers love the hook-and-handle design that adds “a little bit of magic” to your backyard. Multiple reviewers say they like to hang them on tree branches too. The outdoor solar lights offer a modern farmhouse feel in the great outdoors.

Buy It: Gigalumi Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lights, $36 with coupon (originally $40), Amazon

Best Fence Lights: Greluna Solar Wall Lights

With two hidden screw holes in the back, the Greluna solar lights can be mounted on wooden fences, decks, and stairs. The set of eight lights, which has more than 2,600 five-star ratings on Amazon, and they're designed to brighten your favorite outdoor spaces with LED lights powered by the sun. Designed to emit a white or warm yellow glow, these solar fence lights also have a festive side with a color-changing feature that shoppers especially like to use during the holidays. Reviewers say they get “tons of compliments” on them thanks to a charming cottage design.

Buy It: Greluna Solar Fence and Deck Lights, $28 (originally $40), Amazon

Best Spotlights: InnoGear Solar Spotlight Outdoor Lights

Want to highlight your home's exterior? The InnoGear Solar Spotlight Outdoor Lights can help. With angled heads that can be rotated 90 degrees, these Amazon best-sellers showcase your desired area for up to 12 hours—from the side of your home to landscaping to trees. Each LED-operated light has its own solar panel attached and is designed with low and high lighting modes. The solar spotlights are also easy to assemble: Just stick the stake in the ground and secure it with dirt or mulch. And now everyone can see all the hard work you did on your home, even in the middle of the night.

Buy It: InnoGear Solar Spotlight Outdoor Lights ($52, Amazon)

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