7 Collin County Detention Officers Fired After In-Custody Death Of Marvin Scott III

The seven Collin County detention officers involved in the in-custody death of Marvin Scott III have now been fired, the sheriff announced Thursday.

Video Transcript

DOUG DUNBAR: Collin County Sheriff says that he is now fired the seven detention officers who were involved in the death of Marvin Scott III. Scott, if you don't know the back story, was arrested last month by Allen police. He was in possession of less than two ounces of marijuana. While at the Collin County Jail, Sheriff Jim Skinner says that officers used pepper spray and put a spit mask on Scott, who was on a restraint bed. He was found unresponsive a few hours later.

Today, Skinner said in a statement, quote, "Evidence I have seen confirms that these detention officers violated well-established policies and procedures." Skinner says in addition to the seven officers he fired, an eighth officer did resign-- that was while under investigation. The Texas Rangers continue to investigate Scott's death on a criminal side, possibly. The Next Generation Action Network also releasing a statement within the last half hour, calling the firings a step in the right direction, but they want to see the officers charged as well.