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It's hard to believe a week ago Texas was frozen.

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ERIN MORAN: I was just watching those videos in awe of her, doing those bear claws. Oh my goodness. I mean, get it, granny. Right?

We're dealing with temperatures right now way above where we were this time last week. So just a reminder, this time last week we had our low of negative 2 degrees. That was a new record low, breaking the old one from 1903, and we actually tied for the second coldest temperature ever at DFW.

Now a week later, we have had our first 80 degree day of 2021 and the warmest day of the year so far, 81 at DFW today, when last Tuesday's high was 18 after starting at negative 2. So that is a 63 degree difference from one week to the next. I just can't even get over that at this point.

And we still have these temperatures sitting in the 70s and low 80s right now-- low 80s out to the west, mid 70s to the east. We're at 75 for Paris, Sulphur Springs, Mineola, 79 in Dallas, 77 for McKinney, and then 80 in Denton and Fort Worth, 82 to Mineral Wells and Breckenridge. These temperatures, significantly warmer than yesterday.

And we're staying pretty warm into this evening as well, I think even by 7:00 tonight. No excuse not to get out and at least get a walk in after dinner. 70 degrees, clear skies. It's a little breezy. Maybe that's your one excuse.

South winds at about 20 miles an hour, gusting even closer to 35, 40 miles an hour at times. We've got a cold front that's arriving for tomorrow. And so ahead of that cold front, we're kind of getting these gusty winds.

Now into tomorrow morning, we are going to watch for that cold front kind of approaching from the west. And as it moves in, we get a little bit of cloud cover kind of moving up from the south, and you see that for our southern and eastern counties. But look at the temperatures, by 5:00, 6:00 AM, we're still sitting in the middle and upper 50s.

We get into tomorrow afternoon, this cold front moves in without a trace, other than just those winds transitioning to the north, and temperatures are still able to warm into the low and mid 60s. It will get cooler as we make our way into Thursday, though. And by Thursday, it's less about the temperatures and it's more about the rain.

Coverage up to 70% on Thursday, 30% on Friday, 40% chance for Saturday, and then it's 60% chance into Sunday and Monday. So we have not seen a ton of rain for the month of February. But of course, we've made up for that with the snowfall that we have seen for the month of February.

We're still dealing with some drought conditions, abnormally dry conditions, and then one spot of severe drought just kind of right in Tarrant County there. But I do think when all is said and done, we're going to be looking at one to four inches of rainfall between when we start to see the rain on Thursday and as it continues even into Tuesday of next week. Stick around, more news is coming up after the break.

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