7 missing characters who could show up on 'The Walking Dead' series finale and 5 who likely won't

7 missing characters who could show up on 'The Walking Dead' series finale and 5 who likely won't
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TWD missing characters thumb
Could any of these long-missing characters show up on the series finale of "TWD"?Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC, Gene Page/AMC, Eliza Morse/AMC, Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
  • "The Walking Dead" ends Sunday after 11 seasons and 177 episodes.

  • There are so many people who have gone missing or disappeared from the show over the years.

  • Insider rounded up characters we might see (Dog) and ones who definitely won't return (Heath).

Out of every missing character, it feels like Daryl's canine bestie, Dog, is most likely to make an appearance.

TWD 1104 Daryl and Dog
Daryl's canine bestie has to make a return.Josh Stringer/AMC

Dog's been missing since season 11, episode 10 of "TWD." On the season's  20th episode, Daryl mentions to Carol that Dog has been kidnapped by the Commonwealth.

He wasn't seen at Alexandria with the others. It's likely he may still be somewhere locked up in the Commonwealth.

It would be weird if we didn't see some sort of Dog reunion on the final episode.

Bertie feels like a safe bet to make an appearance.

bertie twd
Karen Ceesay as Bertie on "TWD."AMC

We previously wrote an ode to Bertie, the background character played by Karen Ceesay who has been one of the show's unsung heroes and ultimate survivors of the zombie apocalypse.

First introduced on season six, episode 11, Bertie has played a small, but significant role across the series in the war against Negan and is a confidant of Maggie.

Bertie hasn't been seen on the show since season 10, episode 16. We're hoping she appears when and if the group is reunited at the series' end.

It would be weird if Cyndie didn't return for a brief appearance after her community, Oceanside, was spared by the Commonwealth.

TWD 815 Cyndie
Sydney Park was introduced as Cyndie on season seven of "TWD" before disappearing on season 10.Gene Page/AMC

The show has never addressed why the actor hasn't appeared since 2019's season 10, episode eight. But in a 2020 interview, Park confirmed to Where Is the Buzz TV that her character Cyndie was still alive.

"TWD" had a chance to kill off the Oceanside community recently and didn't do it. As a result, it seems likely we'll see the community reunite by the show's end with Daryl's group if and when they're freed of the Commonwealth's command.

Aaron briefly mentioned Cyndie near the start of season 11, episode 18 of "TWD." It may have been an Easter egg for longtime fans or a hint we'd see her one last time.

A Georgie cameo would be fun, but it feels like a long shot.

TWD 812 Jayne Atkinson as Georgie on "The Walking Dead."
Georgie's had a few name drops on the final season and that may be the most we hear of the leader.Gene Page/AMC

When Jayne Atkinson joined "TWD," fans and the actor alike were convinced she may play some version of Pamela Milton, the leader of the Commonwealth, on the show's final season.

When Insider spoke with Atkinson in 2018, it sounded like she was expecting to appear again, telling us, "I do believe we could see her again."

That never happened.

Instead, Georgie wound up being a very minor character, the "brainchild" of "TWD" chief Scott M. Gimple as Atkinson told us, who gave Maggie (Lauren Cohan) a blueprint to help build up a community.

When Cohan briefly departed the show, viewers were told Maggie went to live and work with Georgie to build up other communities. Since Maggie's been back, we've heard Georgie referenced a few times, likely to close the loop on her story, but nothing more.

If Alexandria and the Hilltop are rebuilt using Georgie's plans and they're holding a celebration, it would be a nice little Easter egg to see her appear in the background on the series finale.

We're hopeful a "Fear TWD" character, Morgan, could make an appearance.

Fear TWD Lennie James 716
Lennie James as Morgan on "Fear the Walking Dead."Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC

It would be super weird if Morgan doesn't show up on the final episode. Other than Rick Grimes, Morgan Jones (Lennie James) is the only remaining character alive from the 2010 pilot.

Morgan has been on "Fear the Walking Dead" for a while, but it seems wild to end the flagship show without acknowledging one of the few characters to make it all the way through "TWD."

When Insider spoke with James in October 2021, he said he had a conversation about whether or not he may return to "TWD" in its final episodes.

"That's about as much as I can say," James told Insider with a laugh.

Fingers crossed.

If Rick appears, it's probably going to be in an end-credits scene.

TWD 905 Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln
I wouldn't be surprised if Lincoln appears in some small scene of "TWD" finale.Gene Page/AMC

I doubt Andrew Lincoln is going to appear on the finale unless in flashbacks or edited footage of old scenes as we've previously seen on Michonne's final episode.

It seems most likely that Lincoln could reappear in an extra scene attached to the finale teasing his character's return in next year's Rick and Michonne spin-off.

In February, Lincoln was spotted in Georgia with Norman Reedus during the show's final weeks of filming.

If Michonne appears at all, it's likely in one of two ways.

TWD 1008 Michonne
Danai Gurira on season 10 of "The Walking Dead."Eliza Morse/AMC

On the penultimate episode of "TWD," Judith mentioned that she hasn't heard from Michonne via radio in quite some time.

Maybe, in the show's final moments, Michonne finally reaches the group by radio (we saw Mercer has quite the tech setup) and tells everyone Rick's alive, kicking off at least one of these spin-offs.

Otherwise, I wouldn't be surprised if Michonne also appears in an end-credits scene teasing the Rick and Michonne spin-off.

"TWD" should connect its universe by bringing back Jadis, but it feels like that ship has sailed.

Jadis/Anne TWD World Beyond 209
Pollyanna McIntosh reprised her role as Jadis on "The Walking Dead: World Beyond."Steve Swisher/AMC

Jadis/Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh) was the last person seen with Rick on the flagship series when she made a life-saving decision to carry him away on a helicopter.

We have no idea what happened to Rick since then, but we do know from the spin-off series "TWD: World Beyond" that Anne reclaimed her older name Jadis and started working for the Civic Republic Military (CRM) again as a respected leader within that community.

I had hoped the Commonwealth's Lance Hornsby had a secret connection to Jadis and the CRM that would come into play in the "TWD" finale, but it feels like a long shot now.

AMC should have taken advantage of finding ways to weave its "TWD" universe together seamlessly given the many opportunities it had to do so. (It's highly unbelievable that the Commonwealth's community of ~50,000 with working trains would fly under the radar of the CRM's 200,000 stronghold that flies helicopters since they're both in similar parts of the US.)

Here's to holding out hope that a Civic Republic Military swoops in to carry Daryl off to his spin-off in France.

I've given up on seeing Virgil again — even though he's sitting on the show's biggest news about Rick.

twd 1013 virgil michonne
Kevin Carroll, who plays Virgil, told Insider he couldn't believe his character survived season 11, episode six of "TWD." He hasn't appeared on the show since October 2021.Eliza Morse/AMC

For a while I thought Virgil (Kevin Carroll) was the key to spilling the show's biggest secret: He knows Michonne went searching for Rick, who she learned may be alive. Everyone else thinks he died years ago.

But that just hasn't happened.

Instead, the character with the biggest "TWD" news mysteriously vanished from the show after season 11, episode eight.

Maybe Virgil will pop up on the finale to finally let everyone know this crucial piece of information now that Judith's life hangs in the balance, but I seriously doubt it.

Honestly, it's frustrating that Virgil survived the show's great haunted house episode (season 11, episode six) if he wasn't going to be utilized on the final season.

It doesn't feel likely that Sherry or her husband Dwight from "Fear TWD" are coming back.

Sherry and Dwight FearTWD 616
Christine Evangelista and Austin Amelio on "Fear TWD."Ryan Green/AMC

Both Dwight and Sherry moved over to "Fear the Walking Dead." We would've loved to see Sherry and Dwight finally confront Negan over his mistreatment towards them at the Sanctuary.

"TWD" has confronted a lot of Negan's past transgressions on the series, but a confrontation with one of his former harem members would've made for a strong scene.

Instead, "The Walking Dead" appeared to address this in part by having Ezekiel (Khary Payton) call out Negan's treatment of women.

It doesn't feel like it would make sense for the couple to appear in an already stacked finale. If we can't see them on "TWD," then perhaps there's room for Sherry and Dwight to cross paths with Negan on his upcoming spin-off, "Dead City."

We seriously doubt Heath will show up on the finale.

Corey Hawkins TWD 612 Heath
Heath went missing on season seven and his absence was never addressed on-screen.Gene Page/AMC

Corey Hawkins' character was last seen on season seven, episode six and the show frustratingly never mentioned his absence on the show.

No one put together a search party to look for Heath and it made our group look like a bunch of jerks since the same would never happen if Daryl, Maggie, or one of the main characters went missing.

If anything, maybe Hawkins reappears somewhere down the line in the "TWD" universe, but not on the series' finale. "TWD" creators have openly expressed to Insider their interest to continue Heath's story, but nothing has worked out over the years.

In 2018, showrunner Angela Kang told Insider that Heath was kidnapped by Jadis and traded to the Civic Republic Military.

When Insider spoke with "TWD" universe chief Scott M. Gimple in 2020, he also expressed interest in wanting to work with Hawkins again.

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