7-Month-Old Baby Found With Blunt Force Head Trauma At Pullman Apartment

A mother was under arrest and undergoing a mental evaluation Thursday night, after her 7-month-old baby was found with a serious head injury. CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: Also breaking right now, a mother under arrest after her seven-year-old baby-- seven-month-old, rather, was found with serious head injuries.

IRIKA SARGENT: CBS 2's Charlie De Mar is live at Come Children's Hospital tonight, where the little girl was taken. Charlie?

CHARLIE DE MAR: Brad and Irika, good evening. Yeah, the details that we do have in this one are just hard to hear. A seven-month-old girl was found unresponsive with blunt force trauma to her head, now in critical condition here at Comer Children's Hospital.

Chicago police were called to an apartment building on the 900 block of East 104th this afternoon. Two children, a five and seven-year-old, were wandering the building. Police couldn't find their seven-month-old sibling or mother.

LASHAUN FOSTER: I seen the lady in the street, yelling for help, screaming.

CHARLIE DE MAR: LaShaun Foster lives in the building, and recorded cell phone video of the disturbance outside her window.

LASHAUN FOSTER: I don't know if she's in her right state of mind, but I feel bad for that baby.

CHARLIE DE MAR: DCFS and police returned hours later to the apartment building for a well-being check, and found the mother and the critically injured seven-month-old inside. Foster says the mother, who she identifies as the woman in purple, was screaming and not making sense.

And what was she saying?

LASHAUN FOSTER: She want to die, kill her, she had COVID. "Back, back, get back. She don't know you." She said the police was against her.

CHARLIE DE MAR: Now, the five and seven-year-old children, they were taken to a hospital just for evaluation. They are OK. Mom is in custody, but in a hospital for a mental evaluation. We are live from Comer Children's Hospital. Charlie De Mar, CBS 2 News. Irika.

IRIKA SARGENT: All right, Charlie, thank you.