7-year-old Japanese boy is officially thanked by police after protecting lost toddler

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A 7-year-old boy from Hyogo, Japan, was gifted a letter of gratitude by the police for directing a lost 3-year-old to safety.

Ruito Murai, a second-grade student at Amagasaki Municipal Tachibana Minami Elementary School, found the infant standing at an intersection near Santanda Park on April 19, reported The Mainichi. After asking the young child if he was lost, Murai took him to the local park and promptly informed a police officer, who was already searching for the infant after his mother filed a report.

On May 25, Murai was presented with a letter of gratitude for his actions by Tadashi Hamada, chief of the Hyogo Prefectural Police’s Amagasaki Kita Police Station. Along with the letter, Hamada said, “We praise your brave action.”

When inquired about his actions, Murai explained, “I talked to him because he looked lonely. I want to help children again if I find them in need.”

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