7 Products Our Editors Swear By for Decluttering and Organizing Their Kitchens

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3 products on a designed background
3 products on a designed background

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One awesome perk of being an editor at EatingWell is that I get to test out tons of new kitchen tools and gadgets, healthy snacks and more. But there's one downside: when you live in an average-sized home like me, it can be really tough to find a place for everything. Since a packed pantry and cluttered cabinets make it much harder to find what I need (and make me way less excited to cook), I've been trying to slowly organize my kitchen. I tapped my genius co-workers to find out their favorite decluttering solutions—here's what they said.

7 Best Items to Help You Organize Your Kitchen

A Lazy Susan

Assistant Nutrition Editor Jessica Ball, M.S, RD, says, "I use this lazy Susan in my cabinets for spices, oils, vinegars and more." It's 16 inches in diameter, so it can hold plenty of bottles, cans or containers—you can also stick it in your fridge to help corral condiments.

- 18.99 Available at OXO

Magnetic Knife Rack

Sophie Johnson, EatingWell's social media editor, says, "I love my magnetic knife rack. It keeps [my knives] out of the way and off the counter, since there's no need for a block." One less thing on my kitchen countertop? Count me in!

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Cutting Board Holder

Say goodbye to stacked or toppling cutting boards in your cabinet. Assistant Digital Editor Alex Loh says, "I have this holder for my cutting boards so they don't fall down, and I love it."

Available at Amazon

Glass Container

Megan Steintrager, EatingWell's senior digital food editor, says she grinds her coffee beans fresh every day and has found the perfect solution for storing them. She says, "I have a nice glass Bodum container that I use for extra ground coffee." This airtight container will prevent beans from going stale—and it looks pretty on your countertop.

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Spice Rack

No pantry? No problem! Johnson says to create a spice rack in your drawer with this simple spice organizer. Just stock up on some glass containers and labels buy spices in bulk (or decant them from old containers) and rock on. Now you don't have to guess where your paprika is since it's all labeled and right in front of you.

Available at Amazon

Available at Amazon

Airtight Containers

I recently completed a pantry overhaul and used these OXO Pop Containers to corral things like granola, flours, sugar, and bagged snacks like pretzels or nuts. I'm obsessed with them because they keep everything fresh, I can see everything that's inside, and I now know when it's time to stock up on staples. Bonus points if you get these cute stickers to label everything.

- 104.99 Available at OXO


These bins are a game-changer for organizing cleaning products under your kitchen sink or stashing snacks in your pantry. You can even use them in your fridge for loose produce or cans of seltzer! They come in four sizes, so they're ideal for keeping every nook and cranny of your kitchen organized.

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