7 of our top opinion columns this week: ICYMI


1. Democrats need to face facts about Bernie Sanders, his heart attack and his health

By Kurt Bardella

"Do Democrats really believe that the best chance to defeat (President Donald) Trump lies with a 78-year-old who has already suffered a heart attack? Right now, the answer may be yes. ... It would be irresponsible and naive to ignore the issue of his health and what that can mean for the campaign, particularly if (Sen. Bernie) Sanders becomes the Democratic nominee."

2. 'Evangelicals for Trump' was an awful display by supposed citizens of the Kingdom of God

By John Fea

"I have never seen anything like what I witnessed as I watched President Donald Trump speak to a few thousand of his evangelical supporters ... during the kickoff to his 'Evangelicals for Trump' campaign. ... I usually get angry when members of my tribe worship at the feet of Trump. This time, I just felt sad."

3. 'Just Mercy' shows why death penalty, racial disparity in American justice should make you angry

By Peter Funt

"My view that capital punishment is immoral is shared by many Americans. But beyond questions of morality are problems of cost and racial bias. While the number of executions in America has dropped in recent years — to a near low of 22 in 2019 — racial bias in capital cases has actually increased."

Ukraine gangsterism

4. Impeachment trial: The six Republican senators Trump and McConnell should worry about

By Ira Shapiro

"Every discussion about impeachment has begun and ended with the assumption that the Republican-controlled Senate would brush aside any impeachment ... and exonerate President Donald Trump. ... If we look at individual senators, men and women facing the most consequential decision of their careers, it seems quite possible that Trump’s presidency does not rest on a strong foundation; rather, it hangs by a slim thread."

5. Meghan Markle, the American princess, wants out. Maybe we should all move on.

By Katrina Trinko

"Look, I’m as guilty as the next American woman: Like an estimated 29 million Americans in 2018, I watched the wedding of Meghan and Harry. ... A princess fantasy may seem harmless. But while our dreams are not real, exactly, they are not entirely fake, either. What we want and desire shape us, influence our choices, and in doing so, change us. What we move toward determines, in a very real way, who we are."

Poor royals

6. Trump's model for America is corrupt, autocratic crony capitalism. Like in Russia.

By Steven Strauss

"If the Democrats win (in 2020), America could become more like Canada or Germany (higher taxes, probably on the wealthy, and universal health insurance), but within a framework of the rule of law. If you’re an ideological conservative, you won’t like the Democrats’ proposals, but they might fail in Congress and/or the courts. ... Alternatively, if Trump and Republicans win, America could become more like Russia. Vote wisely."

7. Trump's white, male team is a bad look for America and bad for national security, too

By Kate Brannen

"When President Donald Trump strode to the podium last week to tell America what would happen next with Iran ... it was a clear display of U.S. military might, as well as Trump signaling that he had the full support of his team. ... This carefully choreographed moment sent another message: The only people who can handle this national security crisis are white men."

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