7 of our top opinion columns this week: ICYMI


In today's fast-paced news environment, it can be hard to keep up. For your weekend reading, we've started in-case-you-missed-it compilations of some of the week's top USA TODAY Opinion pieces. As always, thanks for reading, and for your feedback.

— USA TODAY Opinion editors

1. Coronavirus whistleblower's death in China carries a warning for U.S.

By Bill Sternberg

"Li’s tragic story isn’t just a faraway tale of the damage that can be done when communist authorities try to suppress bad news, imperiling their own citizens and those of other nations. It’s also a warning to Americans about the consequences of discrediting people who attempt to call out wrongdoing or danger."

2. Sanders has a bizarre radical past that Trump and Republicans would use to destroy him

By Gabriel Schoenfeld

"There is a reason South Carolina Republicans and conservatives are trying to help Sanders, and GOP ad makers are drooling at the prospect of running their man against him. With skeletons like these dangling in closets without doors, Sanders is destined to fail as a general election candidate, perhaps in a 49-state rout."

Whistleblower masked by China

3. Joe Biden would show selfless patriotism by quitting the 2020 Democratic nomination race

By Peter Funt

"Biden, who has served his country honorably, must now demonstrate — again — what a truly good man he is. Rather than cling to hope of a recovery in Nevada on Feb. 22 or South Carolina on Feb. 29, he should withdraw now to smooth the process for his fellow Democrats seeking the best nominee to defeat President Donald Trump."

4. Coronavirus cruise ship: Evacuate the more than 400 American passengers home

By The Editorial Board

"A State Department spokesman said Tuesday that after consulting with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the department decided the safest plan was the Japanese government's protocol for requiring passengers to 'shelter in place.' So they stay in their cabins, many in a state of high anxiety. Those without balconies are allowed 90 minutes a day on deck as long as they remain a meter away from each other."

Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire win

5. Clay Aiken on 2020 primary: Why I'm changing my vote from Joe Biden to Amy Klobuchar

By Clay Aiken

"As a voter who admires the many qualities that Biden might have brought to a general election race, I must judge every other possible candidate by that standard: a proven ability to deliver real results; a track record of appealing to all voters and winning in liberal, moderate and conservative districts alike; relatability; empathy; accomplishment. There is only one other candidate on the primary ballot that checks off all of those boxes. That candidate is Amy Klobuchar."

6. Moderate Democrats have a duty to consider Sanders. He has a clear path to beating Trump.

By Jason Sattler

"If you believe in saving democracy, the courts and the planet, and reversing the unrepentant cruelty, corruption and carelessness that define the current administration, you have a duty to at least consider the candidacy of the most popular senator in America, the top fundraiser in the Democratic primaries, and the man who has generally beaten Trump in head-to-head polls for five years now."

7. Connecting protesters to police shooting distracts from real issues of brutality, bias

By Robert Gangi

"For the many New Yorkers (and I would say protesters nationwide) who fear, loathe and distrust the police, there are all-too-substantive reasons: the daily targeting, harassment and harm inflicted on poor people and people of color. Until policymakers take steps to end rather than protect and promote these abusive, biased practices, the protests will continue."

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