From The 70s to Snow In 24 Hours

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LAUREN WHITNEY: --for the wind to die down. And we're going to see kind of a roller coaster ride to kick off the early part of this week.

So we already have a little bit of snow and rain in Western Colorado, Moffat and Rio Blanco Counties getting in on the action. Front range, Eastern plains, we're still really dry. And we will stay that way for the next several hours.

Heading off to the North, we can see all of that moisture to the north of us. So we have a cold front right now that's kind of in the middle of Wyoming. That's why we're so windy. We are windy ahead of that front. So we're going to see that front pass through overnight tonight and through tomorrow. It pulls in some moisture with it. And then as it makes its way to the East Coast, it will trigger a long line of thunderstorms.

But then you'll notice, really all the way from the Midwest to the West Coast, we're going to be very dry. So high pressure will build back in and that means a long stretch of sunny and mild weather. So we do have a stretch of good warm temperatures coming our way. We've had a pretty chilly March so far, so we're going to get a little bit of a payback to kick off April with some sunshine.

So Futurecast for tonight, that snow will start to kick up and get a little bit more ramped up across the Front Range as we head into the late night hours and into the morning hours. So for our commute tomorrow, we'll probably be on the snowy side for many areas. And then we'll see this slowly clear throughout the morning and into the early afternoon. And by the evening, it should all be done, maybe just a few lingering flurries out east. High country, you'll see this clear out in the morning hours and then we'll just see that linger on for the Front Range as we head into the afternoon.

So totals, we're not looking at a ton here. Maybe about one to two inches of snow on the east side of town, maybe about 1 to 3 on the west side of town. And then once we head up into the foothills and into parts of the high country, we could see about 3 to 6 inches of snow. Don't expect to see that much out East either.

So right now, so far this month we are at 32 and 1/2 inches of snow. That is tied for second place all time snowiest March's with 1944. To tie the March 2003 record, which is the snowiest March of all time, 2.7 inches or more are needed. So if we want to break it, we've got to get over that. I don't know if we'll quite get there, but we may solidify that second place with what we get tonight and into tomorrow.

So temperatures-- or the wind right now, we are still very gusty across the state. You can see with all those color contours just how gusty it is. Eastern plains still have a Red Flag Warning, and the San Luis Valley, through 8:00 tonight. And then we do have a wind advisory for Northwestern Colorado down into the Grand Valley.

So looking at our temperatures, tomorrow we drop down to the 30s. We're back to the 50s, though, by Wednesday. And then we're in the 60s by Thursday.

KAREN LEIGH: All right, Lauren. Thank you so much for that. First game, first win for--