75-year-old woman hit, killed in parking lot in Philadelphia's Somerton section

A 75-year-old woman died Thursday after she was hit by a van in a parking lot in the Somerton section of Philadelphia, police said.

Video Transcript

- A driver is in custody after hitting a woman in Philadelphia's Somerton section. Investigators say the driver was speeding when he hit the woman and two parked cars. Action news reporter Dann Cuellar has the details.

DANN CUELLAR: Police say it was about 12:45 in a small parking lot at the intersection of Busselton and Hendrix.

GELENA BROUSALINSKI: We just heard this big huge bang outside of the office.

- It just sounded like a bunch of banging. Like a car screeching, tires screeching.

DANN CUELLAR: Police say a 75-year-old woman was crossing across the parking lot when she was struck by a van going at a high rate of speed.

GELENA BROUSALINSKI: And we seen this poor woman laying underneath several cars that are squished together. Underneath the car with her legs, as it appeared, to be crushed. And so we ran up. He ran up first, started doing CPR.

- Yeah, there was a doctor at the office. He comes and visits, and he was just there at the time. So the doctor came out, gave her some CPR.

DANN CUELLAR: Police say the woman was rushed to Jefferson Torresdale by paramedics, where she was later pronounced dead. The driver's son was a passenger in the van that struck the woman.

YURI VOLOSYUK: My father's health-- he's impaired in one eye. And the woman stopped midway. And she was just gathering her bags from Wine and Spirits, and my father struck her.

DANN CUELLAR: He says his 61-year-old father panicked after striking the woman, hitting the gas instead of the brake and crashing into two parked cars.

YURI VOLOSYUK: Basically, his foot slipped, and he basically-- You know, when you hit somebody and you hear something, he got very frightened.

DANN CUELLAR: The driver then suffered some kind of medical condition and had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital.

- He looked a little bit out of it, yeah. Dazed.

DANN CUELLAR: Presently, police have not said whether any charges will be filed. The matter is still being looked into by the police Accident Investigation Division. In the Busselton section, I'm Dann Cuella, "Action News at 10:00" on PHL 17.