8 Children's Books Every Child Needs To Read

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What was your favorite children’s book growing up? An often underscored facet of the Black experience is the sheer joy written texts brought us as kids. The beauty of children’s books is that they give kids the permission to dream and imagine as big as they want.

The world may be crumbling now, but it’s nice to know this generation of children has access to wonderful literary works, too. From Ashanti to Kelly Rowland, so many authors ensure that this next generation will be well-read, and it’s a fantastic feeling. Check out our list of eight children’s books that Black children should read today.

"Always with You, Always with Me" by Kelly Rowland and Jessica McKay


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Kelly Rowland is a masterful storyteller. It’s evident through her artistry as a musician and an author. Always with You, Always with Me, written by Kelly and Jessica McKay, is a celebration of motherhood, specifically for those who are working moms. It highlights the labor that goes into motherhood.

"My Name Is a Story" by Ashanti


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Ashanti’s debut album turned 20 this year, and the songstress is still making waves when it comes to content creation. My Name Is a Story takes readers on the journey of a young girl who learns to embrace and love her unique name.

"The Bench" by Meghan Markle

Fatherhood is one of the dopest hoods out there, and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, beautifully captures that. The Bench looks at how crucial father and son relationships are through the lens of a mother. This would make a perfect Father’s Day gift!

"Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters" by Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama‘s moving letter to both of his daughters is filled with sincerity and hope. Of course, it is always an honor when anyone speaks life over you, but it’s the highest honor for one’s parents to do so — what a beautiful way for a father to express his love for his children.

"Shady Baby" by Gabrielle Union

It’s safe to assume that social media has collectively adopted Kaavia James Union-Wade as our internet niece. The toddler has been affectionately dubbed a “shady baby” by her mom, Gabrielle Union, and we stan. If you have your own shady baby, you should purchase Shady Baby, written by Union herself. It tells the story of a child who stands up for what’s right and is inspired by Kaavia.

"Legacy and the Double" by Kobe Bryant


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Rest in peace, Kobe. The athlete wrote a lovely children’s book about the importance of finding your inner light and never letting it dim. Kobe takes readers through the lens of a young girl named Legacy who struggles to find her inner light and ultimately does after going through some trials and tribulations.

"Hair Love" by Matthew Cherry

The relationship between Black fathers and daughters is a sacred one that Matthew Cherry perfectly captures. Teaching Black children to love their natural hair is essential and something that the book’s protagonist Zuri and her father perfectly conceptualize.

"All I Want for Christmas" by Mariah Carey


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“All I Want for Christmas” has as many bags as Mariah Carey because our good sis keeps the coin coming! Mariah’s children’s book All I Want For Christmas, inspired by the hit song, is the perfect Christmas gift for your child. It tells the story of a young girl whose Christmas is a new puppy. How cute is that?

No need to thank us for making your birthday and holiday shopping a bit easier! The real question is, which one will you purchase for your children? It’s giving abundance with all these dope titles.