8-foot-long beehive discovered in living room ceiling

Building owners in Richmond, Va., were in for a terrifying surprise after a tenant complained about bees in their apartment’s air conditioning ducts. On Facebook, the Virginia Wildlife Management and Control posted that a massive 8-foot-long hive was hidden in the ceiling over the living room. a hive of that size could support 100,000 to 150,000 bees. Luckily, the hive was “not fully occupied” when the discovery was made. Rich Perry, the owner of the wildlife control company, it was extremely unusual to have a hive of that size inside the home. The apartment was between tenants at the time, which would explain why no one heard thousands of bees buzzing. Perry estimates that the hive was at least two years old. The Virginia Wildlife Management and Control has a “no-kill” policy when it comes to hives. Unfortunately, all plans to move it failed, and the hive could not be saved. It’s unclear what ended up happening with the bees