8 nuns die of COVID in a week at Wisconsin convent

Eight nuns living at a retirement home for sisters in suburban Milwaukee have died of COVID-19 in the last week, a grim reminder of how quickly the virus can spread in congregate living situations. (Dec. 18)

Video Transcript

SISTER DEBRA MARIA SCIANO: Approximately 100 sisters reside at that facility. We started getting notices that one after another of our sisters became ill and passed away rather quickly. And we actually lost eight of our sisters within the last week or so.

We had been practicing social distancing, and being very careful with our sisters, and not having visitors on campus, all of that. But we actually started to take even more careful measures. We didn't expect them to go so quickly.

So it was just very difficult for us. And we just kept getting those announcements. These are our family. We are a community, and we know each other well.