8-Year-Old Clover Has Dream Camping Experience In Delaware Thanks To Make-A-Wish

Clover has a congenital heart condition.

Video Transcript

JESSICA KATALIJA: One little girl's love of the outdoors was perfect inspiration for a wish come true. Today, Make-a-Wish teamed up with Nemours Hospital in Wilmington to bring eight-year-old Clover's dreams to life.

Clover has a congenital heart condition. And at first, she wanted to go to Disney World. But with the pandemic, she had to reimagine her wish. Clover decided on a camping experience complete with animals and nature tools. She also had a very special guest stop by-- her doctor.

- She's bright and she's brilliant and she's sweet and smart. And she sends me the nicest Doctor's Day cards and pictures. And I've just watched her grow.

JESSICA KATALIJA: Clover. Clover and her family have plans to travel this summer. They'll go to places where Clover can unwind and relax, all while having a fun adventure. Good for you.