23 New Summer TV Shows Ranked by Premiere Viewers: From ‘BH90210’ to ‘Bring the Funny’ (Photos)

Jennifer Maas and Tony Maglio

Summer is the season for mornings at the beach, afternoons by the grill, and nights spending prime time around the fire pit. Though things have changed a bit in recent years, May-early September is still not the time for TV.

To date, 23 new summer series have premiered on CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and The CW — we’ve got each of their starts charted by total viewers below.

Scroll through our gallery for the full rankings of summer show’s debuts. TheWrap will update this post as more new broadcast series start. Find our Fall TV version of these rankings here and the midseason list here.

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Rank: 23       Show: “Peaking”  Net: The CW  Total Viewers: 250,000

Rank: 22       Show: “Mysteries Decoded”  Net: The CW  Total Viewers: 456,000

Rank: 21       Show: ” Hypnotize Me”  Net: The CW  Total Viewers: 564,000

Rank:  20      Show: “Two Sentence Horror Stories”  Net: The CW  Total Viewers: 588,000

Rank: 19       Show: “The Big Stage”  Net: The CW  Total Viewers: 652,000

Rank: 18       Show: “Pandora”  Net: The CW  Total Viewers: 736,000

Rank: 17       Show: “Bulletproof”  Net: The CW  Total Viewers: 803,000

Rank: 16       Show: “What Just Happened??! With Fred Savage”  Net: Fox  Total Viewers: 809,000

Rank: 15       Show: “Paradise Hotel”  Net: Fox  Total Viewers: 1.4 million

Rank: 14      Show: “First Responders Live”  Net: Fox  Total Viewers: 2.1 million

Rank: 13       Show: “Love Island”  Net: CBS  Total Viewers: 2.7 million

Rank: 12       Show: “Reef Break”  Net: ABC  Total Viewers: 2.8 million

Rank: 11      Show: “Family Food Fight”  Net: ABC  Total Viewers: 2.9 million

Rank: 10       Show: “The InBetween”  Net: NBC  Total Viewers: 3.1 million

Rank: 9       Show: “Spin the Wheel”  Net: Fox  Total Viewers: 3.4 million

Rank: 8       Show: “Grand Hotel”  Net: ABC  Total Viewers: 3.7 million

Rank: 7       Show: “BH90210”  Net: NBC  Total Viewers: 3.8 million

Rank: 6       Show: “Card Sharks”*  Net: ABC  Total Viewers: 4.4 million

*Revived series

Rank: 5       Show: “Holey Moley”  Net: ABC  Total Viewers: 4.8 million

Rank: 4       Show: “Press Your Luck”*  Net: ABC  Total Viewers: 4.9 million**

*Revived series

**Time-period premiere. Special post-“Bachelorette” debut earned 3.2 million viewers.

Rank: 3       Show: “Blood & Treasure”  Net: CBS  Total Viewers: 5.7 million

Rank: 2       Show: “Songland”  Net: NBC  Total Viewers: 5.9 million

Rank: 1       Show: “Bring the Funny”  Net: NBC  Total Viewers: 6.2 million

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