8 Tips for Taking Care of House Plants

8 Tips for Taking Care of House Plants 1. Give them the right amount of light. While some plants can handle dim settings, most blooming plants need bright windows or supplemental lights to grow properly. 2. Avoid overwatering your plants. Use a container with drainage holes to avoid drowning your plant and check the care tags to determine how much water they need. 3. Keep them clean. Be sure to keep your plants dirt and dust free by lightly cleaning them. 4. Groom them as needed. Clip dead or yellow leaves and cut stems that have lost their leaves to the soil line. 5. Beware of drafts. Make sure your plants aren’t sitting too close to vents, leaky doors or windows. 6. Add humidity if possible. Brown tips on the leaves could indicate that the air is too dry for your plants. You can group plants together, spray them with water or put them near a humidifier. 7. Watch out for pests. Check underneath leaves and near stems for any indoor pests that could spread disease to your plants. 8. Check the pot. If your plants are drying up suspiciously fast, it may be time to repot, so consider stepping up one pot size at at time.