9 Best Cheap Foods You Should Buy at Aldi

Cristina Nixau / Shutterstock.com
Cristina Nixau / Shutterstock.com

What distinguishes the Aldi supermarket chain from the rest of the pack is its low prices. Consumers rated their satisfaction with the competitiveness of prices at Aldi as a perfect 5 out of 5, according to a Consumer Reports survey.

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With so many low-priced items to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones provide both quality and cost savings, so GOBankingRates spoke with shopping experts to get their picks for the best cheap foods you should buy at Aldi. Here’s what they recommend picking up on your next Aldi run.

Kirkwood Breaded Chicken Fillets

Aldi fans often stock up on the 24-ounce bag of these chicken fillets, which cost around $9.

“They’re great in the air fryer and are perfect for making quick and easy chicken salads, as well as serving with side items like mac and cheese and mashed potatoes when you need a quick dinner,” said Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with DealNews.com.

Happy Farms Original Swiss Spreadable Cheese Wedges

Don’t miss out on this alternative to the popular name brand.

“If you like Laughing Cow cheese wedges, odds are good you’ll like these, but they’re a fraction of the cost,” Ramhold said. “A pack of eight wedges is around $3 at Aldi. They’re perfect for eating with veggies and crackers for a healthier snack than junk food.”

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Honey Grahams Cereal

This cereal — although not the most health-conscious choice — makes for a quick and tasty breakfast or snack.

“If you like sugary cereals that are a dose of nostalgia, these are amazing,” Ramhold said. “A 12-oz box is $2.35 or so and it tastes like a fantastic mashup of Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.”

Parkview Cheddar Bratwurst

“A pack of six bratwursts is about $3.75, and these are excellent quick meals whether you want to eat them like hot dogs in a bun or with rice or mashed potatoes on the side,” Ramhold said.

Black Angus Choice Chuck Roast

Although at around $5 per pound this roast isn’t super cheap, it’s definitely more affordable than pricier cuts of steak and tastes just as good.

“Sous viding a chuck roast will make a surprisingly excellent steak,” Ramhold said. “This would make an excellent affordable meal that tastes like you spent luxury prices but only cost a fraction of that.”

Mandarin Oranges

You can get a 3-pound bag of oranges for just under $3 at Aldi.

“These make an excellent naturally sweet and healthy snack to keep on hand when they’re in season,” Ramhold said.

Green Onions

“If you enjoy adding scallions to your dishes, you may want to pick up bunches at Aldi, where they’ll cost around 95 cents per bunch or even less,” Ramhold said. “The quality is the same as other grocery stores, but the cost is way cheaper.”

Earthly Grains New Orleans Style Red Beans and Rice Mix

This easy dinner mix is another name-brand alternative that hits the mark.

“This is roughly $1.65 per box and tastes just as good, if not better, than Zatarain’s in my opinion,” Ramhold said. “All you have to do is add some good sausage to it, and it makes a quick and easy dinner that’s budget-friendly.”

Deutsche Küche German Style Sauerkraut

Look out for Aldi’s in-house imported brands, which offer products that you may not find at regular grocery stores at low prices.

“For example, Aldi’s in-house German brand, Deutsche Küche, sells items like specialty frozen foods, non-perishable goods, like jarred sauerkraut, and chocolates around the holidays,” said Rebecca Gramuglia, consumer expert at TopCashback.com.

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