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1) The Chassis and Bodywork Are All-New

It might look like an old Defender but just about all the components on the Himalaya Spectre are new. Each body panel is a fresh unit made in Britain from the original Land Rover tooling. The frames aren’t stock units either. British firm Richards Chassis supplies new rails that are fully welded, boxed, and hot-dip galvanized for corrosion resistance.

That new frame provides a much stronger and truer platform to build from, and a laser-straight frame ensures that those body panels can be installed with both precision and closer tolerances.

“Some Defender bodies can be a full inch longer than others," says Himalaya’s Chairman James Shondel. “But since we know these new frames are perfect, we can square everything to the chassis.”

Himalaya says they currently have the largest supply of Defender body panels in the U.S.

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Created by the custom shop Himalaya, this Defender is a Land Rover like you've never seen before—complete with a Chevy V8 and a Jeep steering box.

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