9 Glitter Manicures for When You're In the Mood for Extra Sparkle

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Glitter Manicures for When You're in the Mood for Extra Sparkle
Glitter Manicures for When You're in the Mood for Extra Sparkle

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The only rule when it comes to manicures is that there are no rules.

If you feel like wearing black nail polish in the summer or neon yellow in the winter, then go for it. The same goes for glitter nail polish, which is commonly thought to reserved for the holiday season.

Like I said, this rumor is absolutely not true. So if you're in the mood for a little bit of sparkle, you should absolutely get your fill via your manicure — no matter what month it is.

One of my favorite ways to wear glitter nail polish is by leveling up nail art with some extra sparkle, whether you're into minimalist or maximalist designs. (Yes, glitter can be subtle, too).

Ahead, I've compiled nine of my favorite glitter nail art designs I've come across (and saved) on Instagram from top nail artists and nail polish brands to inspire your own sparkly manicures.

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1. A Sparkly Swipe

Not only is this manicure impossible to mess up, it can be created using any nail polish color as the base. If you're in the market for a gold glitter nail polish, Paintbox's Gilded was used to create this design.

2. Holographic Half Moons and Tips

This holographic manicure by Hang Nguyen combines two nail art classics: half moons and French tips. The manicurist used Holo Taco holographic nail polishes in various colors to level up the design.

3. Sparkly Fine Lines

Yep, a glitter manicure can be minimalist. Case in point: these gold fine lines by Alicia Torello. Here, she painted the nail nude and used a nail art brush to draw a clean gold line down the middle of the nail.

4. Colorful Dots

Betina Goldstein has given the timeless polka dot update by using colorful Essie Concrete Glitter nail polishes. And the beauty of this design is that it's easy to DIY — even if you're new to nail art. Simply use the round end of a bobby pin or cotton swab to place the dots on bare nails.

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5. Flower Power

It's a myth that glitter nails should be reserved for the holiday season. Case in point: this springtime confetti-inspired look paired with neon green French tips. Upon first glance JinSoon's Daisy nail polish looks like typical specks of glitter, but they're actually shaped like flower petals.

6. Glitter and Pastels

A swipe of gold glitter lends an unexpected twist to a classic pastel manicure.

7. Glitter Ombré

This optical ombré illusion is guaranteed to get compliments. Goldstein created the effect by painting the nail with gold Essie glitter polish, then adding a swipe of rose gold to the right side.

8. Glitter French Manicure

The best part about a glitter French manicure is that you don't have to worry about drawing clean, precise lines. More so, you can mix and match fun color combinations like nail artist Miss Pop did with her charcoal gray base and sparkly gold tips.

9. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

A nighttime sky full of twinkly stars is nature's own glitter, and serves as perfect inspiration for a sparkly manicure. Manicurist Steph Stone combined Essie glitter polishes with a few star-shaped sequins for this celestial nail design.

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