9 Michigan nuns die of virus in span of 2 weeks

Nine Roman Catholic nuns in Michigan died in January due to a COVID-19 outbreak at their retirement home, which had gone for months without a single case. They lived at the Adrian Dominican Sisters campus in Adrian, southwest of Detroit. (Jan. 28)

Video Transcript

PATRICIA SIEMEN: We lost nine of our sisters, or God welcomed nine of our sisters, but it was all within, you know, a two week period. So we're grieving. That's the heartache of this virus. No matter, we've had very stringent protocols that our co-workers and ourselves have followed over these months.

Experiencing the deaths of COVID have really united us even more deeply with the loss and the suffering of the hundreds of thousands of people who have died from COVID and all of the families who have suffered such loss, but it is of great consolation to know that our women, not only are in God's arms, but we say they're having a party together themselves. I mean, their waiting, they're welcoming each other into eternity.