9 richest YouTubers and Twitch streamers, ranked by net worth

Here's a list of some of the highest ranked YouTube and Twitch partners that you can watch right now

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- We have come to a point where a creator can make a living off of original content online. But how much of a good living can they have as an internet star? Today, we list some of the highest ranked YouTube and Twitch partners that you can watch right now. James Charles, estimated net worth, 22 million. James Charles started his YouTube career in 2015 with beauty and makeup tutorials. With healthy followings on Instagram and TikTok as well, the YouTube star has gone on to receive a number of social media awards, become the first male ambassador for CoverGirl, and launched the Sisters apparel brand, along with the Sister Collection of cosmetics with Morphe Cosmetics.

"Ninja," Tyler Blevins, estimated net worth, 20 to 25 million. Likely the most well-known Twitch streamer, Ninja also does pretty good business in YouTube subscribers, with a combined subscriber count of 40 million. The professional gamer got his start back in 2009, and he's now best known for playing "Fortnite," which he has played with stars like Drake and Travis Scott. Blevins briefly departed Twitch for Microsoft's Mixer, but then returned in late 2020.

VanossGaming, Evan Fong, estimated net worth, 25 million. Canadian creator Evan Fong, the comedic gamer behind the Vanoss channel, has earned a huge subscriber base of over 25 million. He's also branched out into cartoon voice work, hip hop producing, and game development.

Markiplier, Mark Fischbach, estimated net worth, 28 to 35 million. Mark Fischbach, better known as Markiplier, has been a YouTuber since 2012 and currently has a combined 15.2 billion views on his channel. His gaming videos are a little extra, but his exuberant personality has earned him 28.5 million subscribers on YouTube. He has since begun uploading more varied content, like comedy skits, podcasts, and animated parodies. For all his success, Fischbach is also quite generous, using his platform to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.

PewDiePie, Felix Kjellberg, estimated net worth, 20 to 40 million. Felix Kjellberg first set up his pseudonym PewDiePie on YouTube in 2010, which was early in the "let's play" craze, where people play video games while commentating. Since then, he's garnered 109 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.3 million followers on Twitch. PewDiePie eventually released a gaming app and wrote a "New York Times" number one bestseller.

Rhett and Link, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, estimated net worth, 32 to 40 million. One of the oldest YouTube friendships actually dates back to the first grade, when the eponymous Rhett and Link became buddies. The comedy duo host a number of shows, most notably "Good Mythical Morning." They have parlayed their success into a full-blown swag and entertainment company and have even acquired the Smosh brand, another YouTube sensation in 2019.

Dude Perfect, estimated net worth, 20 to 50 million. What began as trick shot videos among college friends has morphed into a hugely successful channel for comedy videos, stunts, and sports content. The team of former Texas A&M roommates-- twins Cory and Coby Cotton, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, and Tyler Toney-- split a multimillion dollar fortune powered by an app, a TV show, and collabs with celebrity sports stars, like Serena Williams. Never has there been a more appropriate name for a channel. You really have to check out some of these stunts.

Ryan Kaji, estimated net worth, 30 to 160 million. "Forbes" has ranked this nine-year-old as a top earner on YouTube for three years running. Ryan Kaji began making toy unboxing videos when he was four. The Ryan's World channel, which has over 30 million subscribers, has since expanded into other arenas. Kaji has a TV show on Nick Jr., with another show coming on Amazon Prime, as well as a virtual world modeled after the show on Roblox. Who said you can't dream big when you're young?

Jeffree Star, estimated net worth, 200 million. Beauty influencer extraordinaire Jeffree Star has seen his fair share of internet controversies and social media feuds. But his cosmetics company has made him one of the richest people on YouTube. Over 16 million subscribers populate the star's channel. But he also makes a ton of money through investments elsewhere, like in real estate and cannabis. Have you watched or subscribed to any of these amazing creators? If you could run your own channel, what would you do? Let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter.