9 Stuffed Burger Recipes That Will Take Your Burger To The Next Level

You might think you know how to make a pretty amazing burger. But have you tried putting the topping INSIDE the meat? Check out these insanely tasty ideas for burger fillings. It’ll probably change your barbecues forever…


[PHOTO CREDIT: Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish]

OK, so it’s not exactly pizza, but this Italian-Style Juicy Lucy burger is near enough. Oozy mozzarella cheese, Italian herbs and pesto and then a rich tomato sauce on top. All stuffed inside a beef burger. Wowsers. Get the full recipe over at Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish.

Mac and Cheese

[PHOTO CREDIT: Haute and Heirloom]

Yep, seriously. Check out this mac and cheese stuffed burger from the blog Haute and Heirloom. Fancy making it? Head on over to the blog to get the recipe and step by step photos.



After seeing Serious Eats’ slideshow on how to make an egg-stuffed burger, I had to try it. And it was easy. OK, so I ended up slightly overcooking the egg, but it was still luscious. Check out Serious Eats for the full instructions.


[PHOTO CREDIT: Wishes n Dishes]

So stuffed burgers don’t always have to be about beef - have a look at this lovely mozzarella-stuffed chicken burger topped with guac by Wishes n Dishes.


[PHOTO CREDIT: Chasing Delicious]

One for the spice lovers, this. Russell from the blog Chasing Delicious has created this gorgeous burger filled with a spicy jalapeño pesto. And that’s cheese you see in there, too. Beautiful. Get the recipe over at his blog.

Gruyere Cheese

[PHOTO CREDIT: A Pretty Life in the Suburbs]

So if you’re making a classic cheese-stuffed burger, your first instinct might be to crumble in some Cheddar. Which would be fine, but you can also try other cheeses. Stilton is good, too. Jo-Anna from the blog A Pretty Life in the Suburbs has used smoked Gruyere with bacon for this burger and topped it with caramelised onions. Hungry yet?

Garlic Mushrooms


Mmm… garlic, mushrooms, parsley and beef. It just works. To make these burgers, fry chopped chestnut mushrooms with a chopped clove of garlic and some fresh parsley. Leave it to cool and spoon it into the centre of your burgers, adding extra beef to cover and sealing it all up before you cook them. The mushrooms help keep the beef juicy, too.

Avocado… and Bacon

[PHOTO CREDIT: No Thanks to Cake]

Creamy avocado, salty smoked bacon and then juicy beef… we have Kelly from No Thanks to Cake to thank for this avocado-bacon stuffed burger. Find out how to make it over at her blog.

Fried Onions


Oh YES. Fry thinly-sliced red onions in a little oil until golden and starting to turn crisp and then cool them thoroughly. Stuff the cooled onions into your raw burger patty, using extra beef to cover and pinch the edges to seal. Fry or grill the burgers, making sure they’re cooked all the way through. The onions add sweetness as well as moisture. We’ve served ours in a brioche bun with some sharp Cheddar melted on top.

Are you going to try any of these? What are your favourite stuffed burger recipes?

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