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In cities, no one cares about caste, or so it seems. But this divide is still a stark reality for all of rural India. In many villages, the ‘Varnashrama’ system is still followed. Chilling stories of atrocities against Dalits emerge with terrifying regularity. The Indian political fraternity has played this to its advantage time and again through vote-bank politics and drive a deeper wedge between citizens. Even among the educated, caste-based issues often rear their ugly head, as was witnessed during the 1990 Mandal Commission protests and during the reign of Manmohan Singh, when his government decided to reserve 27% seats for backward classes.

9 things that divide India

“You all are divided into small pieces” - Nishikant Kamat’s Madaari featuring Irfan Khan as a vigilante fighting the system carries this chilling message at its end. Divided into fragments over religion, caste, language, food habits and other issues India is still riven by factionalism, even decades after having attained Independence from the British. Here are some things that still split our country:

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