90 Day Fiancé : Ed Calls Liz His 'Forever' — but Her Grandparents Still Question Their Age Gap

Ed, 56 (San Diego, Calif.) and Liz, 29 (San Diego, Calif.)
Ed, 56 (San Diego, Calif.) and Liz, 29 (San Diego, Calif.)


Ed "Big Ed" Brown is meeting the grandparents.

On Sunday night's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Liz Woods introduced Ed to her grandparents — something she didn't even do with her last husband. In a boardwalk meetup, the people who raised Liz, 29, questioned how much of their granddaughter's relationship is true love — and how much of it is just 57-year-old Ed's wish to feel younger.

Liz's grandma posed the question: "Are you marrying her because you really, really, really love her? Or is it because she makes you feel young?"

Ed replied, "I'm marrying her cause I really, really love her. I can't live without her."

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Grandpa chimed in with a claim that Ed's love for Liz isn't unique. "Are you positive about that? I've heard that remark once before."

Ed wasn't afraid to double down: "She's my forever. She is a pain in the butt, so am I. But, she's who I want to be with. She does make me feel young, but that's not why I'm marrying her. I'm going to love her and take care of her for the rest of her life."

The grandparents weren't afraid to size Ed up — literally. Their jokes about Ed's short stature mostly had Ed laughing along. "I'll get that pelican on ya," Liz's grandpa said to Ed. "He'll think you're bait cause you're so little."

Later in the evening, without Ed, the grandparents had a heart to heart with Liz. Seeing her married twice before, they questioned how she knew Ed was the one — especially knowing the pair have broken up multiple times.

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Their main concern was Ed's age. "Your age difference. Him being that much older than you, are you willing to take care of him when he's not able to?" Liz's grandma asked.

Liz said she had thought that through. "It's already crossed my mind multiple times. Not so much as taking care of him, but so much as, like, I'm scared to lose him — cause he's older. But yeah," Liz said with tears in her eyes. "I would take care of him."

The grandparents admitted to having a soft spot for challenging engagements. "The world was against us getting married," Liz's grandma said of her own union. "Just like them, and we made it."

With Ed and Liz's engagement party on the horizon, they were grateful for this change of heart as Ed remained at odds with his mother at daughter — two people who have vocally disapproved of the marriage. It seemed that Liz's family, at least, might be open to supporting the relationship, no matter how many people oppose it.

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